How Torah Can Help Boost Excellence of One’s livelihood

Ronald Safdieh is the Chief, Guide and President of Lakewood, NJ based widely recognized elite standard education institute Dameron Fine Art that teaches young kids having a Jewish background on the subjects that focus on their traditionally rich Sephardic heritage and customs. Based in New Jersey, the institute considered as the best in its category and offers across-the-board study courses that are designed covering almost every subject and facts of Jewish life.

Dameron Fine Art a Jewish K-8 education institute was founded with the objective of preparing the Jersey-Shore Sephardic community students with superior-class education curriculum that has been embedded with the traditions, methodologies and culture of their ancestors. Being the key person of this highly regarded new-generation educational facility, Ronald is a great enthusiast of Torah learning as well as Judaic education in America

The Torah Passionate Personality

Torah is just not some text of directives and information, but it offers a comprehensive view on the life and culture rooted in the Jewish community for the ages. Ronald’s in-depth research, studies and understanding of the Torah and its ideologies has reinforced his knowledge base enabling him interpret and explore the philosophical insights and meaning and implication of every word, stanza of verses and chapters compiled in Torah.

The Committed Torah Teacher

According to the devoted teacher Ronald Safdieh that when it comes to teaching students about Torah principles, many times teachers are expected to focus far-afield the religious thoughts that are narrated in the major five Torah books. This is the basic reason, why the teachers, including Ronald at Dameron Fine Art intend in providing advanced spiritual guidelines that help students apply those in their everyday life.

Being one of the top distinguished authoritative representatives on Judaic faith, his capacity has enabled Ronald Safdieh to design his school’s study curriculum. With his immense wisdom and understanding in the area, he has so brilliantly structured its programs that not only exemplify the excellence of Judaic culture and education as a whole but uncovers his mastery in Torah and Judaic learning as well. All the curriculum episodes designed by him blend profoundness of cultural understanding, human ideals aside from academic efficacy.

Unlike several local Jewish community schools, at Dameron Fine Arts, New Jersey, it’s Ronald who has played his role rather uniquely with a view to develop the established philosophical values of Torah Study to know about Jewish with insight. No wonder, supported by his prolonged study and tiring efforts made for the school’s progression has been proved successful with its rate of growth and increasing popularity.

The Art Enthusiast

As of day, Dameron Fine Art is equipped with a unique digital library that has a wide-ranging anthology of Judaic texts, varieties of books apart from other academic study materials. Ronald likes spending his leisure times on studying books, fine arts, jewelry and antiques. Despite considering him as a hobbyist to research about artistic things and subjects, he attains a different level of mind satisfaction by studying those components that consolidate his awareness level and help as a guide and academician. Ronald Safdieh welcomes you to study the informative blogs that he has written about the Torah and Jewish culture.