How Vaping Is An Alternative To Smoking

Some people are confused about exactly what vaping is and whether or not it is a way that can quit smoking. First of all, the term vaping refers to the use of electronic cigarettes and because they produce vapour instead of smoke, the act of using it is called vaping. Secondly, many electronic cigarette vendors are forbidden from marketing these devices as aids to quit smoking. There is one very big reason for this. Electronic cigarettes are designed to be an alternative to smoking i.e. you use electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco products.

Using electronic cigarettes as alternatives to tobacco products is a huge step towards changing to a healthier lifestyle. With e-cigs you are cutting out all the harmful toxins such as tar and carbon monoxide but are still being proivded with a nicotine hit. Yes nicotine is still classed as a toxin and is an addictive substance but when using e-cigs you are able to cut down on the strength of nicotine you use. However, although it is a huge achievement to cut down on your nicotine strength, it is not obligatory that all vapers do this as it is mostly down to personal choice and enjoyment in regards to how big a nicotine hit you want. Some vapers do successfully manage to really cut down on their nicotine intake and some even manage to cut out nicotine altogether but carry on vaping as they enjoy the flavours of the e-liquid and don’t want to miss the action of vaping.

There are some people out there don’t understand why people turn to e-cigs if they are still taking in nicotine. But there are many benefits to vaping instead of smoking. As I have already said, the only toxic substance that they contain is nicotine unlike tobacco cigarettes that contain close to 4000 chemicals, some of which are known to cause diseases such as cancer. Vaping can also save you a lot of money. Tobacco cigarettes seem to be constantly rising in price but with vaping you just need to buy on e-cig device. Obviously you will need to buy e-liquid to re-fill the device as well as replacement parts from time to time but the cost compared to smoking is minimal.

Overall, vaping is an alternative and is not a quit smoking technique, which is a common mistake that is made. If you can understand that vaping is a replacement for smoking than you will understand how much more sense it makes.

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