How Your Credit Scores Affects You

How Your Credit Scores Affects You

When you speak of a credit score what you are speaking of is a number that is issued to you by the credit reporting bureaus.  This number is similar to a report card or a grade.  It is used to determine what a person’s credit worthiness.  What it will show other creditors is how successful you have been in the past at paying your debts.  The general rule is that the higher your creditor score is the more likely you will be to get a loan at a low interest rate.  If you have a low score you will probably be denied for a loan or will be given an extremely high interest rate at website .

Getting A Loan

Many people do not see their credit score as being important.  However it is very important and can affect your everyday life.  An example of this is if you wish to obtain a loan to make the purchase of a new automobile or a new home.  If you have a good credit score you will probably be granted the loan.  However if your credit score is poor you will probably be denied.  A lender does not wish to lend to someone who is going to be a high risk for him or her.

Interest Rates

When we are speaking of credit scores and loans your credit score is not only used as a deciding factor on whether or not you are granted the loan but what kind of an interest rate you will receive with the loan.  If you have a low score and the lender decides to lend the interest rate may be much higher than those who have a high credit score.  One of the things to be careful of is that if you have a low credit score and are given a loan with a high interest rate you should be sure that you could afford the payments.  It is not uncommon to see that a person with a high payment due to the interest rate will not be able to afford the payments and will end up with a worse credit score than they had before due to this loan.

Credit Scores Are Not Only Used To Determine You Getting A Loan

When a person thinks of a credit score it is normally associated with obtaining a loan.  However there are other places that will run your credit history before deciding to work with you.  An example of this is a cell phone company or a utility company.  They will run your credit to be sure that you are not a risk to not pay the bill at the end of the month.  If the company sees that you have a low credit score they might think you will not pay your bill and will deny you’re a service plan with them.


As you can see from the article above your credit score will impact you in many different ways.  You might not be able to get a loan or if your credit score is poor you may have to pay a very high interest rate but it will affect you in many different ways also.