How Your Local Business Can Make The Most Of LinkedIn’s New Company Pages

Earlier this month, LinkedIn released a new more user friendly appearance for its Company Pages. These changes, although mostly cosmetic, can make a significant difference in how a local business is able to market itself to potential customers via the platform. It’s important, however, for a local business to know how to make the most of LinkedIn’s changes and be efficient in its use of time and resources. To that end, there are three key areas a local business should spend some time reviewing, exploring, and as necessary, updating its information on LinkedIn.

Overview: This section of your local business page is the key place to sell the overall mission and work of the organization. It should be attention grabbing and engaging.

Within the “overview,” you can share basic information about the organization, such as when it was founded and notable achievements. This area is where you can also share updates from the company. Populating updates will have a similar feel to Facebook. Further, in many cases an update similar to what you’re sharing on the organization’s Facebook page is appropriate. It’s important to keep in mind, however, your updates are limited to three viewable on your page at any given time. Therefore, your business will likely not be posting these as frequently and will want the information shared to be significant in nature. With some thought and planning, however, many regular business activities can be shared in way to grab customers’ attention.

Product:  Perhaps some of the most helpful changes implemented by LinkedIn are in the area of product promotion. A local business can now create specialized product/service offering “pitches” to up to 30 different audience segments. Each different version of the product offering can showcase up to 5 products/services. Further, this individualized customer presentations can include video and banners. If your local business is active on Pinterest, you may already have a source of great visual displays of your product or service.

Insights: One of the most helpful aspects of any social media platform is the information that it can provide in terms of your visitors and their interactions with your content. LinkedIn, however, may provide more useful business insights than other social media counterparts. For instance, using LinkedIn insights, your organization is able to learn about viewers’ industries, level within the industry, and their organizations. Further, insights also allows you to learn how many views your product pages have had. All this data is invaluable in assessing what is working with your LinkedIn Company Page and what needs to be revised in order to improve your engagement.

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Chris Marentis is an expert in the field of local business marketing and is the founder of Surefire Social.