HTC One M9 Rumored And Will Take Smartphones To A New Level

HTC One M9 Rumored And Will Take Smartphones To A New Level

HTC Corporation (High Tech Computer Corporation) is a Taiwanese Smartphone and tablet manufacturer, which started as a designer and manufacturer for many of the big companies in the industry.

HTC decided to step into the world of smartphones. First HTC started producing Windows based mobile phones and ten later on to further expand its share, HTC started manufacturing devices with Android OS.

Slowly and steadily gaining popularity, HTC became one of the largest manufacturers in the industry. Until 2010, all things went smoothly for the Taiwanese manufacturer, but after the year end on 2010 HTC’s shares fell be 90% and share in the smartphone industry went to as low as 3%.

HTC decided to regain its lost share and thus required some game changing strategy in order to this. For this, they released the HTC One M7.

As expected HTC One M7 became the talk of the street overnight. It was an all rounder smartphone. Premium fell, robust performance took away the heart of millions as same was with the case of HTC M8 which was a refined version of the M7.

One M8 included a couple of features of which people couldn’t ignore. While the M7 was the most popular smartphones in 2013 and was chosen as the best smartphone of the year, the M8 gained but not as equal appreciation as the M7 did.

HTC, to continue gain its share is planning to launch a couple of smartphones including the M9.

Concepts around the world are making the expectations from the One M9 are really high.

According to these concepts HTC One M9 will be a game changer. It will be bundled with awesome build quality, high-end technical specifications and awesome performance, some of them as listed below-

  • Design-One M9 will follow a unibody design, somewhat similar to the M8 and will be made out of the same material as that of M9.
  • Camera-One M9 will feature a 8 Ultra Pixel+ Duo rear-camera which will allow 500% more light to come in to the sensor. Front snapper will stand at 5MP with modes like selfie and beauty and will allow users to record videos at 1080p which will be awesome for video quality.
  • Processor& RAM-It will be powered by a 2.7GHz Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 or 810 which are based on 64-bit architecture which will allow the manufacturer to put in more amount of RAM, which in-turn is expected to be 4GB.
  • Display-It will rock a 5.3inch Quad-HD display with a resolution of 2560×1440, pixel density of around 560ppi. Gorilla Glass 3 will protect it.
  • Storage-Users will be able to store upto 64GB of data and this can be further extended upto 128GB via external sources such as a microSD card.
  • Software-One M9 will run on HTC customized UI of Android 5.x (whichever is latest according to release date), which is called as HTC Sense. It may also get an overhaul in accordance to the latest android version.

While the ETA is still unknown, it is likely to be released around Quarter 1 of 2015 (as One M7 and M8 were released In this period) and may carry a price tag of around $750. Yes, One M9 would be outstanding example of 2015 smartphone standards and with time we would see another outstanding smartphone and similar is expected from Galaxy S7 in later 2015.