Huawei Ascend G7: Quality In Low-budget Phone

Huawei Ascend G7

It is assumed that if the device is a budget, then it would have only cheap plastic case, the mediocre processor, and the question of optimization software in general can put a brake. But Huawei Company is walking in another direction and proving all things wrong for low-budget phone. Here we have an example Huawei Ascend G7 seriously distracting from this rule.

The phone comes in the box white and made of thick cardboard hiding in addition to the smartphone cable microUSB, charger, wired headset and a translucent plastic cover as a small bun from producer. With regard to the last: case fits very well on a smartphone, so well that it is extremely difficult to remove. Huawei gone from direct angular design and stopped on a rounded shape, despite the almost flat surface front and rear corners are rounded and are combined with animation software update shell.

On the front panel you would see the proximity sensor and ambient light sensor, mesh earpiece and eye front camera closer to the right edge. Under the screen surface is completely empty, well, fine. It is more convenient to keep the smartphone in a horizontal position and prevent accidental pressing, as, for example, in the same Samsung GALAXY Note 4, where this place is busy with touch navigation buttons.

Below the display is the most housing machined from a single piece of metal technology (Nano Molding Technology), with plastic inserts at the rear surface. At the top is a little (less than half a millimeter) bulging eye of the main chamber, the opening of the sound microphone and Simplex, LED flash. The bottom panel is hiding under the main speaker. On the right side of the unit are very prominent above the hull button and volume control. Long retention leads to activation of the first camera right out of hibernation. Below is a compartment under the SIM-card and memory card. Runners are made of metal and also firmly in their positions – no gaps.

The left face of the manufacturer decided to leave blank. At the top there is a 3.5 mm jack for a headset. The opposite edge is busy with microUSB connector hole spoken microphone. And the top and bottom layers are made of plastic, dividing the body into segments. Most likely, this is due to the design of the antenna device of the phone.

Its size and rounded shape are vaguely reminiscent of smartphone iPhone 6 Plus. As for convenience, it should be understood that this smartphone – shovel. Always and everywhere one hand with it is govern, whatever the broad palm. And then have recourse to the second hand. The device is very convenient. It is slim, angular edges and, as a consequence.

With its good IPS 5.5 inches display and a good processor Huawei Ascend G7 stands as a good phone and recommended. Also, as per the rumors we might see a new form factor device from Huawei that would be direct competitor of Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge 2.