Hungry? Deli And Munchies Delivered To Your Door!

Ask New Yorkers how many of them actually cook in their kitchen on a daily basis and the answer might surprise you. New York City is an urban metropolis full of people who thrive on takeout coffees, takeout delis, and eat-in restaurants, but there is a whole other side to eating in the city. If you don’t feel like carrying bags of groceries home on the subway or in a taxi, try having a local grocer deliver your food to your door instead. Your food will be fresh and you can practice those cooking skills you see on TV!


D’Agostino prides itself on being “New York’s Original Grocer” because the store really was designed with the layout of the city in mind. There are store locations throughout the city, and the store has a convenient online shopping feature that lets you browse the aisles and shop the sales circular from the comfort of your computer keyboard. The store has fresh meat, dairy, and produce available in addition to shelf goods, and the person who brings your food to your door will be a union employee. All of their orders have a freshness and quality guarantee that lets you be confident that you won’t have any brown bananas arriving at your home.

Hana Food

If you live in Brooklyn and are in need of a grocery store that delivers, Hanna Food in Williamsburg is a good local option for organic foods. Hanna Food will deliver fresh meat, produce and beer to your home in less than an hour. They also have a great selection of deli sandwiches with some rather interesting names that you can order: Dirty Feet, The Grinch, and Teddy Bear are just a few. Some shoppers think they are a bit on the expensive side, but they make up for that with their large selection of vegan items.

Urban Fetch

Urban Fetch isn’t actually a grocery store, but it is a delivery service that delivers grocery items to you. From the Urban Fetch website, you can shop the aisles and choose which foods you want to have delivered, and they will get it to you in less than an hour. They also have a selection of drug store, household items, and DVDs available for delivery as well, so you aren’t limited to only food items like you may be with other grocers. If you plan to use their service often, consider signing up for their Max Value Plan. The cost for the plan is $30 for three months, but you will get discounts on certain items and free delivery on every order you place through the Urban Fetch website.

With New York City’s grocery delivery services, you can take advantage of that stove you have sitting in your kitchen without needing to carry heavy bags of food home from the nearest subway station. Take advantage of these options and open a whole new world of food.

Renee Varney is a writer who occasionally writes for, a site she loves using to locate NYC Delivery Services and Local Food Delivery.