I Found My Man At College

If anybody had asked me a few months ago that I would be enjoying living and studying at my new college I may have said they were mad. If anybody had said a few months ago that I would find a great boyfriend and am very happy with him I would have said they are mad. If they then told me I would be getting engaged in a years’ time too I may well have fainted.
But all of the above is happening as soon as I opened my eyes and heart to college life. If you have never experienced this life it will be very hard to describe it. It is not merely endless lessons and essay editing along with intrusive homework. Yes, there is a big element of that, but the social life at college is something I was never expecting to so quickly change my life.

I have never really been a sociable person, but now I am joining all these extra groups and watching college sports events too. It was at a inter college soccer game that I met Graham. I had seen him around and I had decided that in a parallel world he would be someone I really would love to meet. In another parallel world I would love to be his girl. Fat chance of course.
When talking to my new best friend next to me I let that bolt of information out to her ears. Less than an hour later Graham was sitting next to me in the canteen and we were both a little embarrassed at the setup of the meeting by my friend, but the result was that we actually liked each other. Not only did we laugh and smile but we also decided to meet again later that week.
That was several months ago, and now we are inseparable. We’re together every spare moment and we both are surprised that we found each other so soon at the college. It was fate or just pure good old fashioned luck. Whatever brought us together is one thing, but because we were residing at the same college just made it possible to happen.
Graham and I have agreed that if we still feel the same in a years’ time that we will get engaged. What is the point of hanging about? He was the one that suggested it, and if it goes that far I will be the happiest girl in the whole of Texas. The thought of having Graham in my life has meant that my class work has been a little disorganized lately. In fact my last essay editing assignment was so bad the teacher put on the bottom of the sheet. Leave Graham alone one night and do the study!
Melissa J. Gilbert is still hoping that in a few months time she will be engaged to Graham the soccer player.