I Hate Math

There are probably one hundred things I am very good at. Maybe I would say I am a great basketball player, I am good at French and I love biology. The list of good would also include English language and even history. I can sit in these lessons at college and I would not only love it but I would be determined to absorb more and more.

The subject I hate the most and the subject that has always eluded me through all the years of my education. I hate math. I just do not find it something I cannot grasp nor can I ever fully understand how anybody else gets such a huge thrill from numbers being thrown at a page. The very thought of having to solve even a simple math question sends me uncontrollable sweat. Consequently I find that in the lessons I enter a spiral of panic and fumble with my pen writing numbers with no sense to what the answers may be.
I do not think I am stupid, as I seem to be very good at so many other things. I can also very easily use my calculator and work out the basic additions and divisions. I understand percentages and multiplication. I even get cosines and tangents. Although I have never yet sat down in the real world and worked out an angle by dividing X with Y. I have not had to EVER use algebra and as for the ridiculous PIE I just want to scream when that comes up.
I am sure that people like scientists and certain geeks will love math. I even understand that they might need math. But why is this level of math taught in high schools and colleges as if it is an essential need for every student. As I can tell you outright that most of my friends never needed algebra. My mum and dad who run two businesses have NEVER used algebra. So why oh why do we have to use it as basic education?
I know some of my friends hate English language, essay editing and History. But in my opinion the school and college teaching of those subjects is the very necessary basic of the subjects. If you cannot read and write the basics than you cannot communicate well and your future prospects in life are reduced dramatically. This we all understand.
But imagine going out in the world not knowing algebra. Would it stop you getting a job in Mcdonalds? Would stop you getting a job as a middle manager or project manager? The answer to most of those career choices and maybe the bulk 95% of others will never need you to understand algebra or pie to start your career.
So the question is why do we force this stuff down everybody’s throat for years and years? Why do we the poor students have to suffer this? I would rather the time being spent on the REAL basics being taught to us. The basics of how to work out percentages and multiplication without having to use a calculator or miles of paper.
My essay editing is always challenging to me. I have to understand and communicate it across to people who are my peers and people who are willing to learn anew. But can we really say algebra has the same level of interest?
Liza Powell still hates math with a real passion.