I Have Been Bitten By A Dog, How Do I Make A Claim?

I have been bitten by a dog, how do I make a claim?

How many dog attacks are recorded per year?

Over 6,000 people a year are injured due to dangerous dog bites(Source). This has doubled over the course of a decade and this makes It important that you know what to do if you are ever unfortunate enough to have experienced this kind of attack.

Is there any way to prevent dog bite attacks?

There are often warning signs that a dog may be dangerous before an attack and it is up to an animals owner to identify and acknowledge this risk. Dog bites can be devastating both physically and emotionally and so it is important you explore the possibility of making a claim for compensation for your dog bite injuries.

How does the law protect you against a dog bite attack?

Legal provisions provide that if a dog is dangerously out of control in a public place the owner, and the individual in charge of the dog at the time is guilty of an aggravated offence if the dog while out of control causes injuries to an individual.

Who pays compensation for my dog bite attack?

If the dog owner has pet insurance your claim for compensation for personally injury may be payable by the insurance company. If however the dog owner has no insurance all is not loss as a claim for compensation maybe be payable by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is a government organisation. The CICA has the ability to pay compensation to individuals who have suffered personal injuries because they were victims of a violent crime, such as being attacked by a dangerous dog. If you decide to pursue a CICA claim an CICA application form will need to be completed which will contain evidence of your claim. The CICA will then process your claim and decide whether they are able to pay you compensation for your injuries.

What do I need to do in order to improve my chances of a successful claim?

The success of the claim will depend on whether the dog has previously shown aggressive tendencies or bitten another person, if so the owner of the dog may be liable to pay you compensation for your injuries. In order to proceed with your claim you will be required to report the incident to the police, identify the dog owner and obtain their address details.

This article was written by Andrew Fullam for Claims National. An accident at work claims specialist.