IBM Taps Actifio For Cloud Storage Service

IBM Taps Actifio For Cloud Storage Service

IBM sees big befalling in carrying billow accumulator casework to big enterprises and Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs).

To that end, it’s advance $1.2 billion to addition its billow accumulator services. And as of February 4, IBM is announcement a affiliation to bear a billow accumulator account with Waltham, Mass.-based Actifio, a fast-growing provider of alleged archetype abstracts administration technology that boosts abstracts accumulator adeptness for enterprises and SMBs.

The botheration is accessible to accept but adamantine to solve. Companies commonly accomplish abstracted copies of their analytical abstracts for anniversary purpose. They accomplish altered copies of their accumulated abstracts for assorted purposes such as apparatus development, testing, analytics, and abstracts retrieval.

And as the bulk of abstracts that companies abundance increases every day, the amount of advancement all these audible copies escalates. CFOs are added ambitious that IT admiral acquisition a way to rein in these costs.

And through an apparatus accompanying with software, Actifio — which I wrote about in 2012 and 2013 – has developed a way to do that. It offers companies the adeptness to abundance one alleged aureate archetype of its abstracts and to use it for these purposes after creating altered copies.

As a result, Actifio enables IT admiral to accommodated the demands of CFOs to handle the accumulated allegation to administer its growing basin of abstracts while authoritative the advancement advance of operating and basic expenditures for IT accessories andcomputer appliance appropriate to abundance it.

IBM has been alive with Actifio for several years and is now accessible to barrage a managed billow accumulator account alleged IBM SmartCloud Abstracts Virtualization (SCDV) that ”will accredit barter to decouple their apparatus abstracts from their concrete infrastructure, convalescent business resiliency, agility, and the adeptness to move added seamlessly into the cloud,” according to Laurence Guihard-Joly, General Manager for IBM’s Business Continuity and Resiliency Services.

IBM is gluttonous to acknowledge to the apropos of top admiral — such as CFOs and arch advice admiral (CIOs). As Guihard-Joly explained in a February 3 interview, “There is an access of abstracts accumulator in the enterprise. Assembly abstracts is acclimated for abounding purposes including development, testing, analytics, and recovery. I was in Asia/Pacific during the aftermost year and listed to abounding CFOs and CIOs and they kept allurement ‘Why are accumulator costs activity up?’”

Guihard-Joly begin that Actifio — which has formed with IBM for years — could accommodate a way to advice abode their concerns. “When I met with Actifio a few months ago, I accomplished that its access of alms a distinct aureate archetype of a company’s assembly abstracts would accredit IBM to action its audience a band-aid to the affair that CFOs and CIOs were raising,” said Guihard-Joly.

Allen Downs, IBM’s Director, Global Business Continuity and Resiliency Services, told me in a February 3 interview, “I attending for arch bend technologies whether from a accomplice or from a aggregation central IBM. I saw that Actifio — with its abstraction of the aureate archetype of abstracts — would be altered in its adeptness to administer the access of data. I accept been alive with Actifio for over 12 months. We did class assay and applicant pilots and saw that Actifio could accredit our audience to do added for less.”

IBM additionally brand Actifio’s alive appearance and vision. As Guihard-Joly explained, “I like the way Actifio works. It’s fast and flexible. And it has formed with us to accommodated our requirements for acquiescence and security. I like how they accept formed to accommodate themselves with the blow of IBM. And they allotment our eyes of carrying amount to customers, not aloof demography their money.”

IBM will shop for Actifio accouterments andcomputer appliance and use it to advice bear SCDV to customers. IBM will bear barter a managed account and allegation barter on a per gigabyte adequate base — which will save audience from advantageous for alike copies of data.

Actifio is captivated with the IBM partnership. As Actifio admiral Jim Sullivan explained, “We’re so aflame about the alms with IBM. We serve Global 2000 and mid-market companies. Every applicant wants a billow alms and this will bear them aerial account affection and — acknowledgment to lower bequest costs and a bead in account banknote outflows — an direct acknowledgment on investment.”

Actifio continues to abound fast and believes that the IBM affiliation will advice it attempt in huge markets. “We aloof saw almanac advance at the end of January. And Actifio is targeting a $44 billion bazaar and the adventure with IBM will ambition a $100 billion bazaar for billow expenditures.”

Gartner Group is bullish on the IBM/Actifio partnership. As Gartner analyst, John Morency explained in a February 3 interview, “The affiliation will accredit IBM to bear an all-in-one casework that rivals bear in abstracted bundles. Instead of affairs altered advancement casework for accessories from EMC, NetApp, and IBM and for basic and concrete storage, barter will be able to shop for a distinct service.”

This all sounds abundant for IBM and Actifio. Sullivan is focused on deepening Actifio’s relationships with barter and partners. As he said, “We will try to accumulate bodies happy. We will do basic raises and eventually an IPO. Our focus is on a continued appellation affiliation with IBM that will bear amount to our customers.”

If the affiliation is successful, it will appearance up in Actifio’s banking after-effects and could advance a payday for its investors.

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