Ice With Your Vodka?

Die Another Day showcased the possibilities of ice, by showing an ice palace. Bond villains are not the only people using ice though. There are now hotels made of ice where you can stay. In countries where temperatures manage to get above freezing though, this is not very practical.

Ice sculptures can be used in warmer countries though and they are sometimes used in hotel lobbies as a decoration with a difference. They are also becoming more popular at weddings, as they can be used as centrepieces on tables.

Ice sculptures have since developed and given their use at parties, it was only a matter of time before they were combined with another must for a party – alcohol.

Ice sculptures adapted to use with alcohol are called ice luges.

Ice luges are becoming more and more popular at parties and events, including weddings and stag and hen parties. You obviously get the centrepiece and also drinks served through the ice, which are of course ice cold. Ice luges tend to add a touch of class to an event; that is until the contents get drunk.

So you have two choices to make with an ice luge; the shape and the filling.

There is pretty much an unlimited range of shapes and designs you can have for your luge. It is not a business that suits mass production or stocking of shelves, as it would simply melt, therefore luges are made to order, allowing for a personal touch.

The shape obviously needs to contain a narrow channel for the alcohol to be poured down but popular shapes range from anything from a wedding cake to shapes of cars.

As for the all-important alcohol? Vodka is a popular choice, as it is often served with ice anyway and its clear colour enables it to blend in well with the sculpture. There is nothing stopping you choosing a coloured liquid, but remember it needs to be a drink that can be served ice cold. For example, pouring lager down a luge will not really work, and anyway, as previously said, a luge brings a certain sophistication to a party, which pouring lager down it may remove.

Ice luges normally last for around six hours given the concentration of ice, more than enough time for your party.

So if you want to impress people and be a bit different at the next party or event you are hosting, consider an ice luge. Simply serving a drink becomes a main attraction, the only problem being, people may drink quicker to have a bit more.

Kevin Francis is an ice sculptor writing on behalf of, why not contact them for an Ice Luge created to fit your party theme.