Icons In Motion

Next time you’re driving on a motorway, pay a little extra attention to the trucks that you’re sharing the road with.  Each mini artic is more than just a vehicle, it’s also a billboard, and there’s a good chance that even if you haven’t been paying attention on previous journeys, you recognize a lot of those logos. Brand owners know that it would be a waste to not print their image on their trailers and delivery vans, so our motorways are full of iconic images and clever slogans.  Here’s a look at some of the most recognizable brands from around the world.

Phoenix Organics
The Phoenix Organics brand isn’t a worldwide brand, yet, but if you’re lucky enough to live in New Zealand or Australia then you’ll probably recognize their designs.  The truck is covered in bright and artistic imagery, and bears the message “A truck full of Phoenix Organicy Goodness”.  That’s a nice clear marketing message, and on a hot day I think I might be tempted to follow the van and beg the driver for a taste of their drink!

Innocent Drinks
English fruit juice lovers have an alternative option, Innocent Drinks – and, coincidentally, that company has good design taste too.  The Innocent Drinks exhibition trailer often goes on the road handing out samples and running challenges to get people to think about healthy living.  Their exhibition trailer is attractive and distinctive, and a strong icon for their brand.

DPD is a national delivery service that opts for a simple logo on their mini artic and bigger trucks.  Their logo shows their name, a 3D image of a box, and several red arrows pointing in different directions, suggesting that they deliver all over the country.  It’s simple, clear, and easily recognizable.

Eddie Stobart
If you owned a set of toy cars as a child, an Eddie Stobart lorry was probably a part of your collection.  Eddie Stobart single-handedly changed the face of freight in the UK, and is probably the most well-known haulage company in the country.  His trucks and lorries are simple in design; the entire fleet is painted in green and red, with his name printed on them.  Each truck is named after a different woman.

Haulage may not be the most glamorous subject, but Eddie Stobart managed to come up with a distinctive enough brand that it spawned a children’s TV show, a merchandise line, and a fan club.

Lessons From the Road
What can we learn from the above brands?  The key message is consistency and creativity.  Each of the above brands has a distinctive look – be that bold colours or simplicity.  In addition, the above brands pick a look and stick with it for a decent length of time.  They may change some things around, but whatever it is that makes them unique is always left untouched.  This means that they’re instantly recognizable.  When you’re driving, if you catch a glimpse of their trucks, you will always recognize them. That’s the quality that you should try to emulate if you want to build your own brand.

This article was written by James Harper on behalf of Vipex, creators of bespoke exhibition trailers that can be used with mini artics. For more information on mini artic and exhibition trailers, please click here.

Photo: Peter Mooney