Ideal Remembrance Keepsake Gifts For Family

After a funeral or memorial service, continuing to think about the loved one that has passed away is natural. However, over time you can begin to deal with their loss even though you will think of them every day. To make sure that you always have a little keepsake with you that helps you treasure the memory of your lost family member or friend, you can choose from a range of items such as jewelry, photographs, garden objects or ornaments.


 If a family member has left jewelry behind in their will, this may be distributed amongst the family.  You can also re purpose the jewelry into memorial diamonds. If you have been left rings or bracelets for example, you can wear these as a little reminder of that beloved relative. Alternatively, you might like to look at cremation necklaces which you can wear all the time and keep a small amount of your loved one’s ashes with you as a constant reminder of that special person. If you’re looking to buy a cremation necklace, visit the Stardust Store.

There are other styles of commemorative jewelry which are popular with a lot of people that are mourning and these types of trinkets can be worn at any time as well as serving as a little reminder of your family member. A simple chain and pendant with their initials on might be the type of keepsake gift that you like, or a charm bracelet with a small reminder of them can be just as beautiful.


When you lose a loved one, it can be very comforting to look back at pictures of happier times with that person. A great way of doing this is either to buy a few nice photo frames and pick your favorite photographs so that they are always on display.

You might prefer instead to get a good quality photo album so that you can arrange those great pictures in an order that you like and keep them all together, ready to view whenever you want. For display purposes, you can instead pick one large photo frame, and then arrange a variety of your favorite pictures with that special person so that you can feel uplifted whenever you’re thinking of the times you spent together.

Garden Items

It can be very comforting to have something in the garden that reminds you of your relative or friend that has passed on. If they were a keen gardener or loved the outdoors, then planting a memorial tree, creating a remembrance rockery or simply placing a plaque on a wall in your garden is a great way of remembering them whenever you spend time outside.

Benches are also a great memorial item and can be moved wherever you want. Place them in your garden or pay to get a plaque placed on a bench in a local park so that that person’s memory can live on. A wind chime is yet another decorative garden piece that can serve really well as a memorial item. These can be hung from gables, sheds or windows or can be placed in the ground. A simple design such as a cross with a few chimes hanging from it is a subtle reminder of that special someone and it can be placed anywhere in your garden that you like such as under a memorial tree.


For something in the home to remind you of your relative, you can place ornaments in your living room or kitchen area as a subtle keepsake. Not only can ornaments add to the decoration in your home, but they can also hold particular significance to you without seeming overly distasteful to guests. If you are considering placing ornaments around the home that will remind you of your family member, you can pick something that reminds you of them such as a particular shape or color that speaks to you such as a wooden box, floral glass dome or ceramic vase with a particular pattern which reminds you of their tastes.