Ideas to Personalize Your Ride

When you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, it’s important to feel comfortable and allow the car to reflect your personal style with its exterior appearance. If you want your car to stand out on the road, there are several different upgrades that can create a unique look that personalizes your ride, meaning you can get more enjoyment out of your driving experience.

Add a Scoop

You can make your vehicle appear sporty and intimidating by adding a fake scoop on the hood. A real scoop is also an option and only costs a few hundred dollars to purchase if you want it to enhance your car’s performance with direct airflow to the engine while you’re driving. Real or fake, a scoop will draw more attention to the front of the vehicle and tell other motorists and enthusiasts alike that your car packs plenty of power.

Wrap Your Vehicle

Vehicle wraps are increasing in popularity because of their ability to completely transform the look of a car. If you want your car to have a pattern or unique print, a vehicle wrap is easy to install and can protect the original paint on the vehicle, that way should you change your mind or plan on the wrap being temporary you can return your vehicle to its original look with no issues. Vehicle wraps are also available in a variety of color shades and can allow you to advertise your business while getting around should it be for a company car.

Install Light Strips

One of the best ways to draw attention to your vehicle while driving at night is with light strips. Light strips can be added to different areas of the car and can also be installed underneath the vehicle to illuminate the road as the car is in motion. They also come in a variety of colors.

Add a Diffuser or Spoiler

Diffusers are eye-catching and are a staple on sporty cars that can reach high speeds. They draw attention to the rear of the vehicle and have a variety of different styles to ensure they complement the style and design of your car.

Spoilers are also athletic and continue to be present on new car models. They can contribute to the aerodynamics of the vehicle by adding extra downforce. They can be installed on the top of the trunk and are available as aftermarket options.

Personal Touches

There are also a lot of things you can do inside your car in order to show off your personality. These can range from something as simple as adding some small decorations to finding items that also have a functional purpose.

Everyone has seen the dashboard bobbleheads you can get. The most popular are the hula girls that appear to dance while you’re driving, but if this is something that interests you then you can likely find almost anything to suit your tastes. In fact, there are a wide array of dashboard ornaments you can choose from that can spruce up the interior of your car. For more practical items, you could also think about installing a dashboard camera, especially if you’re interested in protecting yourself while on the road or want to show people where you’ve been. Having dashboard footage of what you experience on the road can serve as protection should you be involved in a car accident, as you’ll have footage of what happened leading up to the accident.

In an effort to keep your car clean, you can search for car mats that better fit your style should you not find the ones that came with the car to your tastes. Car mats are often the last line of defense when it comes to protecting the interior of your car from the mud and dirt on your shoes or spills and grime that can happen while driving around. Along those same lines, you can think about investing in seat covers that do the same thing and make the interior of your car more in line with your tastes.

Air fresheners don’t always have to be pine trees hanging from your rearview mirror, although if that’s what you like then there are also many air freshener designs to choose from. Sometimes they can be small pods clipped to your air vents or decorations hanging from your sun visor. The point is, much like the wide array of scents out there to choose from, there are also a wide array of ways to present your air freshener in your car.

Speaking of things to hang from your rearview mirror, everyone is familiar with the classic fuzzy dice. However, you can hang almost anything from your rearview mirror in an effort to add some atmosphere to your ride. Many people use their rearview mirrors as a place to store work lanyards, keys, or other items they don’t want to forget since it’s one of the first things they’ll see when getting in their car. It can also be a place to hang keepsakes so you can see it every day while on the road. The most important thing to remember when hanging something from your rearview mirror is that it can’t make looking out of your windshield difficult because it’s become a blindspot, as this could become a great way to get into an accident. Make sure that whatever you choose to hang there is small and out of the way enough that you can properly see the road.

Personalizing your ride is a great way to enhance the appearance of your vehicle and prevent it from looking like similar models on the road. With the right additions and upgrades, you can increase the value of the car and also feel proud to show it off in different settings. There are many ways to truly make your car feel like it’s yours, and doing what you think is best to personalize it is definitely one of those things.