If You Got Junk Call – 1800 Got Junk

If You Got Junk Call - 1800 Got Junk

I see them all over the place with their name plastered on the  green and blue colored trucks. I also get their coupons along with others stuffed in an envelope sent to my house a few times a month. I’m talking about 1 800 Got Junk, the leaders of junk removal.

Yes I know there are many junk removal services out there, but why would you go with them? 1 800 Got Junk has been around for26 years . It originated here in Canada, how great is that? They have a great reputation for being reliable and isn’t that what you want?

I have been thinking about them recently because my wife has been bothering me about getting rid of the junk we have in our house. We have more than usual because when my brother moved away, he couldn’t take many of his things with him because his new place was not big enough, so we took it in.

I’ve been telling my wife don’t worry I will do a garage sale to sell  some of the items and make some money in the process. Unfortunately I have been saying it for 3 years now.  With that my wife decided to take matters into her own her hands

To make me happy she went online and searched for 1 800 Got Junk promo code so we can get a discount on their services. She made the appointment for next week which gives me some time to see what I want to keep or hide.

I was surprised to hear that they remove pretty much anything you can think of, from appliances to mattresses, furniture, old electronics and much more. They will even remove that carpet you’ve hated for years.

Well the week went by fast, but I was able to keep some of the things my wife considered junk before they came.  As they said they arrived right on time and began to work immediately. I saw boxes upon boxes being removed from the house into their truck. They brought up so many things from the basement, some of which I didn’t recognize myself.

I have to say the movers were polite, courteous  and professional. They were very careful when moving stuff out of the house not to hit the walls or scratch the doors. Once everything was put into the truck, they did a walk through to see if anything was left.  After that, they said goodbye and left..

I have to say I was very impressed with how they worked. I would recommend them to anyone. So if you have stuff that has been laying around for years or decades collecting dust, look for 1800 Got Junk coupon, to use when you make the appointment. It’s that simple.