Illinois Father Found Dead After Killing Family

Illinois Father Found Dead After Killing Family

A man living in suburban Chicago today shot and killed his wife, along with his two children, following his girl to the streets, where he shoot her once again and dragged her body into the house, according to the police on Monday.

43 Year old Michael Worsham was found dead inside his house, although there were no clean injury marks on his body. Hence, cause of death is still uncertain. The bodies have been sent for post mortem, while reports should come out soon.

The Story:

The triple murder took place in the small town of Robbins, south of Chicago. Mitchell Davis, Robbins Police Chief, said that, Worsham first shot Steven, his 17 year old son, in the kitchen in his head, killing his instantly. He pulled out Michelle Ollie, his wife, out of bed next and fatally shot her.

He shot Trisdion Worsham, his 15 year old daughter in the back and as she tried to flee, shot her again before dragging her body back to the house, according to reports by eye witnesses. Worsham’s 14 year old step son said that he tried to wrestle his gun away, but was told to leave without fighting.

The boy grabbed his 5 year old nephew and ran to his neighbor’s, according to local police sources. Local authorities say that the couple was married happily for 12 years, without signs or history of trouble or domestic violence. Police sources described the crime scene in a very disturbing image, as they entered the crime scene at 10:40p.m this Sunday.

The Proceedings:

Tom Dart, Cook County Sheriff said to a news channel, “On seeing this tiny country home covered in blood, I was left speechless. I still can’t find words to describe the situation and how I felt.” Davis Police is still clueless about a motive to this triple murder, even though investigation is ongoing.

“I am a father and under no circumstances can I think of a situation where I would have to take such drastic steps and take the life of my family. Words are simply not enough to console the 14 year old, who saw his family getting shot in front of his eyes”, Davis said.

What We Think:

This bizarre case could be related to drugs, even though we are not at liberty to discuss the situation considering this case, which is under judicial proceedings. Come back soon for more details and updates regarding Worsham, as we try and dig deeper into this case.