I’m Thinking Of Approaching An Accident Helpline: Will I Have To Pay?

I’m Thinking Of Approaching An Accident Helpline: Will I Have To Pay?

Nobody can have failed to notice the deluge of accident helplines that are constantly being advertised on television, in the press and online. Most of us will never be in the position to need to contact one but many of us will, especially those who have suffered serious injuries in an accident that was the fault of somebody else. There is still quite a bit of confusion as to how these actually work, especially as to whether you pay or not, so here is a short guide to accident helplines.

How It Works

A helpline accident line works on the premise of dealing with claims over the phone to save injured parties having to visit a solicitor’s office. This may seem somewhat cold but if you have been in an accident and are in pain, the last thing you will feel like doing is visiting a premises and dealing with stairs and such like in order to lodge your claim. These helplines work in exactly the same way as a solicitor’s office. They employ highly experienced and professional solicitors who specialise in all areas of the law it is only in the communication that the differences lie. Do not worry that by dealing with a helpline you will get any less commitment to your case that you would by going down the traditional route, they have just simplified matters for everyone.

How Do I Pay?

This is the biggie when it comes to frequently asked questions regarding accident helplines and is actually the easiest to answer. The solicitors who work for the accident helplines work on a no win no fee basis, so unless you win you won’t pay a penny in solicitor’s fees. There are no forms to fill in, no mountain of small print to work through, and when it comes to payment solutions no win no fee is just about the most transparent of them all.

Have a look at the website of the helpline accident line you are considering using and it will all be there in black and white, or give them a ring if you

would prefer to hear it from somebody. In the unlikely event your case went to court and you lost you may be billed for court costs but this is out of the hands of your solicitor and these cases are extremely rare.

Health Assessments

Depending on the evidence and medical reports you have given your solicitor access to, the third party has the right to ask you to attend an examination by an independent medical practitioner. Again this is not something within your solicitor’s remit and you should be prepared to attend one of these appointments if you are asked to. Many cases fail at this point so please be honest from the outset, do not think that by dealing with your solicitor over the phone rather than across his desk you will be able to pull a fast one and you will have wasted everyone’s time, including your own.