Immersive Video Experience Performs Better Than Conventional Video

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Visuals can have a deep impact on anyone. That is one reason why immersive video experiences make a huge impression in everyday life. Think how the human mind and eye is trained to react and influence to moving images in a loop on a 24 x 7 television network. Imagine the same, when it is done on smartphones, web-based apps and other areas which constitutes our daily reach. It is very obvious that it is better than the conventional video that can be set aside to be seen later. And have you thought how virtual reality can be applied too for a fabulous immersive video experience?

Understanding Quality Immersive Video Inside Out

In the last few years, technology has simply transformed the way we have been making eye contact. High definition videos have our full attention span no matter what we are doing. So is there any reason to doubt its potential when it comes to immersive video content? Having a steady video is no longer the trend to engage audiences. To make the content more interactive, the quality is now judged if it can have a 360 degree angle. We also need to have a framework to judge its potential.

The main reason is because it encompasses in-depth information and details, it creates impressions. It can show details which are not panned by conventional videos. Both imagery and video are subjected to quality to know how it affects people. It can be understood when a human being reacts to a video. Chances are that the reaction to the regular video will be normal. But when it comes to immersive video, the eye contact and interest is heightened considerably. Each time the content is played back, it evokes the same response of awareness. The performance is measured with quality scores and the visual comfort it provides to the viewer.

New Way of Story Telling

With immersive video the way story telling is done has morphed. It is a bit of using both theatre and film technologies to make the difference. With the 360 degree angle, the edits can be a challenge. The viewer may have his own ideas of moving and that may not be similar to that of the creator. Which means if there is action, the viewer needs to get hooked to it at the right time for the perfect experience. Hence, the way stories will be told in this format will be risky and will require some creativity.

Virtual Reality and Immersive Video Designs

Both VR and IV can be a potent force for any good quality footage. Needless to say, it can be integrated with any interface or device. In case of VR, it is not just play and watch the scene. It will be almost like reliving the experience. Getting the video on a 360 degree show is brilliant and it works well to augment any experience. It can be done with events, brands and several products that need to reach the market. Right now the most affordable way is to get the google cardboard VR experience. A few videos have already made their debut on YouTube and Facebook. Just by tilting the head in a VR set content can be made more interactive. It gets you right where the action is. You become a part of the immersive process and also check it here for enterprise video services