Immigration Lawyers – How To Avoid Getting A Bad Deal

Make no mistake about it – getting your United Kingdom visa application accepted successfully is no easy job. Over recent years, the British government has clamped down on foreign visa applicants like never before as a necessary means to ensure that only those who meet the exacting criteria are permitted to live and work in the UK. Suffice to say, an open door policy it most certainly isn’t and therefore to approach the application process lightly is never a good idea.

Of course, with the help of the right London immigration lawyers the process can be not only streamlined enormously, but the applicant’s chances of successfully receiving a visa improved exponentially. As such, it’s safe to say that the choice you make when going about the lawyer selection process could be the most important decision you make of all – to say that all immigration lawyers across the board are not cut from the same cloth would be an understatement to say the least.

So, with this in mind, here’s a quick introductory guide to how a bad deal can be avoided when looking for an immigration lawyer to handle your own case:

1 – Beware Bargains

Perhaps the only thing that’s worse than choosing a lawyer at random is searching long and hard to find the lowest priced lawyer on the market without looking into anything else of importance. There are so many horror stories out there of visa applicants who put their trust in lawyers who seemed to be offering the most incredible deals, only to do little or nothing to help their case or in certain instances bail halfway through.

As is the way with so many important matters, it’s generally safe to say that you get what you pay for with legal counsel. That’s not to say that paying over the odds will guarantee you quality representation, but when it comes to deals that look a little too good to be true, chances are that’s exactly the case.

2 – Take Tips from a Fellow Applicant

If you know anyone…or even a friend of a friend…who has successfully applied for a UK visa before, one of the best things you can do is ask them to point you in the direction of the lawyer that helped them. This way, you have yourself a pretty conclusive reference that this is a capable professional you can trust to get the job done. All cases are different, but at least by being referred by a friend you’ll know they’re up to the job.

This will also give you a good idea as to what kind of costs you should be looking at if you choose to go elsewhere.

3 – Make Sure You Establish Fees in Advance

Take it from those who know the process well when they tell you that there’s really nothing worse than getting right into the thick of things only to then find a bunch of additional charges have been added to your bill. Not only will such an eventuality leave you with a big hole in your finances, but will also annihilate any kind of trust you had with your chosen lawyer. All fees should be negotiated and ironed out in advance – standard practice for reputable professionals.

If unsure as to the nature or scale of any costs at all, be sure to ask before entering into a deal with your chosen lawyer.

4 – Avoid Language Barriers

Chances are that if you invest enough time and effort into your search, you will be able to find an immigration lawyer who speaks your own language. The importance of doing so really cannot be overstated as unless you are literally 100% up to scratch with the English language at an advanced level, you will struggle with at least some of the application process.

It may be necessary to pay slightly above the norm to make use of a lawyer that’s fluent in your own language, but if successfully getting the visa is your priority, then it’s a price worth paying.

5 – Build a Rapport

Last but not least, you’re pretty much putting your future in the hands of the immigration lawyer you choose to represent you, so it’s important to make sure you choose a lawyer that’s on the same page as you. It’s a hugely personal and important subject you’re dealing with, so it needs to be a lawyer you’re able to build a rapport with.

If the two of you just happen to be oil and water, look elsewhere.