Importance Of Safety Switches

Importance Of Safety Switches

There are many factors based on which your home safety depends. Your property safety is the first and foremost thing for any residence or home owner thinks about. If anyone thinks or plans to buy or sell any property or house, building for commercial or residential purposes the first obligation that arise is about its electrical safety.

During any property transfer such as a house or a commercial building it has become mandatory  to install an approved safety switch in the main box panel. It has become important to install these safety switches at residences to protect their family members from various electrical hazards. Install these electrical safety switches on each and every circuit in your house.  Safety measures are very important as prevention is always better than cure. Your kids and your elderly ones will be safe at home. If at any point of time you need more information, have any queries contact your nearest after hours safety switch installation Sydney.

The switches are installed in your switch or fuse box to monitor the electricity flow from these circuits, when they notice any change or any abnormal flow of power, then the circuit will automatically turn off and reduce the risk of electrocution, fire, or damage to the wiring system. The safety switches have to be inspected and tested at regular intervals or twice in a year. These switches can also be installed on the lighting systems. Hire a certified and experienced 24 hour safety switch installation Sydney electrician for more services.

For extra safeguard from electrocution for the outdoor electrical circuits of your office, home or commercial areas, install these safety switches. Technically, these switches are also known as Residual Current Device (RCD). They protect the main circuit panels, circuit boards, switch boards from sudden surge or excess flow of electricity.

There are three main types of “Safety Switches”:

  • Switchboard safety switch: These switches are attached to your switchboards for regulating and monitoring the electricity flow through the wiring in the house. Mostly these are found alongside with the circuit-breaker. They even watch the other electrical devices connected to and the extension cords and protect them from electrical leakage and turn off them as soon as they find any difference. Many of the electricians desires to merge the safety switch with the circuit breakers for various devices and lighting routes in a single distribution box.
  • Power Point safety switch: These switches are fixed first on the power point, then the safety switches are installed. Mostly used in residential areas, bathrooms and workshops and high hazard areas.
  • Portable safety switch: Electricians mostly use these to perform repairs, maintenance or inspection. Most preferred for outdoor electrical devices where they need temporary protection.

Well planned and informed installation of these safety switches will provide protection and avoid many electrical hazards. Take help of certified and professional electrical technicians for installing these at your home. These are added advantage for people who sell properties and residential areas.