Important Aspects Highlighted in Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story

Important Aspects Highlighted in Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story

Rob Ford’s life and scandals have been recently explored by Star Reporter Robyn Doolittle and his book is filled with interesting excerpts from his interview with Ford. Reports of the Mayor’s long term drug abuse is the front runner in this report, while his political strategies, philosophy, compulsion to keep dirty laundry under wraps and feelings about money, have also been revealed.

About Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story

The book titled Crazy Town: the Rob Ford Story is written by Robyn Doolittle and allegedly has pictures of the Mayor smoking crack. We went through this book to highlight five important points.

Born during the Great Depression, Doug Ford Sr. was scarred with poverty while growing up. Even when he was a multi Millionaire, he used to keep “a wad of cash” rolled up in a tin can, in his basement, behind a loose brick in the wall. It was sufficient to buy “a luxury sedan”, according to Doolittle.

In 1998, during renovations however, the money went missing. Ford Sr. wanted to find out which of his children took his wad, as he even demanded, they take a lie detector test. Nelson Scharger, Chief of Toronto Police said that, interviews continued for three days in a meeting room at Deco Labels.

Excerpts From Early Life:

Doolittle says in his book that Doug Ford Sr.’s life is quite inspiring, as it tells the tale of a young boy growing up poor but ending up building a top notch company. His life contains details of other secrets, which cannot be revealed here. You need to read the book in order to gain more information.

According to a source close to Doolittle, “the Ford’s think they are the Canadian Kennedys. They even talk about it”. Their life stories are not similar in every way, although basic factors revolving around political families are sometimes similar.

Media Coverage:

Doug Sr. was a strong person, who “fiercely loved all his children, even though he was never able to understand how they ended up as drug addicts” Doolittle says. Rob Ford got reelected as Mayor, just two months after his father passed away. This event is of considerable significance, as it marked a new beginning for his family.

“The Fords treated me like a member of their family, even though I was not related by any means. The Fords deserve better and there should be media coverage on what a great man Rob Ford is, rather than highlighting his negative side.” A source close to Doolittle conveys.