Important Aspects To Check Out In Android Phones

Important Aspects To Check Out In Android Phones

Android phones have gained a lot of popularity and are liked by everyone. Despite the claims of fans of apple that the operating system of iOS is much friendlier, it is beyond doubt that the Android smart phones have their own characteristics. Due to all this whenever you visit market for purchasing of android phone, a number of questions will come to your mind.

Here we have mentioned seven things that must be kept in mind while deciding about android smart phone to be bought by you:

  1. Design: Everyone wants to buy a phone which not only looks good but is worth showing around to other people. But you would not like it to be too fragile to handle. Android phones were nonexistent a decade earlier but today everyone loves to have touch screen phone. Due to this reason many smart phone manufactures have introduced smart phones having the Android OS using Snapdeal coupons 2014. People today prefer to have a sleek and smart phone having big display screen.
  2. Battery life: The biggest problem being faced by the phones today has short battery life. It takes the whole night to get charged but hardly lasts for four hours. So you need to purchase external battery charger and have to carry it along with you. But purchasing it adds to the bill. So at the time of purchasing Android smart phone always give due consideration to battery life and the capacity of phone.
  3.  Camera: Generally people are of the belief that the smart phone having more megapixels is a better phone. Everyone wants to take a presentable picture for posting to the social networking sites such as Facebook or upload pictures in instagram. It is quite simple and easy to take photographs using smart phones bought using coupons for flipkart. So in addition to number of megapixels being offered, the quality of the lens should also be ascertained.
  4.  Expandable Storage: In certain phones it is not feasible to expand storage capacity. Thus if internal capacity of your phone is 16 GB, more storage capacity cannot be added even if required. Mostly we use 16 GB for the music itself and 32 GB of storage is needed for the music and games. Even game files might take storage space of 1GB or even more.
  5. OS Version: Names of Android OS are quite difficult. Jelly-bean ice cream, gingerbread and kit-kat are names of Android operating systems in use today. These sound attractive but are difficult to understand by a layman. In order to ensure compatibility with all other apps you should opt for Android OS.
  6.  Purpose: Don’t get carried away by looks alone as the glamour shall fade away soon. Besides using smart phones for calls these should be used for browsing net, watching movies band playing games. Check out to know more about deals of your interest.
  7.  Customer care: More advanced phones are likely to have more service needs. There is an urgent need for having efficient customer care for fixing the phone problems urgently.

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