Important Tips Before You Go Off Roading

Off Roading is an absolutely amazing experience! But there are important things that you need to think about before you leave to go off roading! Even though off roading is certainly one of the most thrilling hobbies going, you do also need to think about the health and safety side of things. Going off roading can be very dangerous if you do not do it correctly and go through all safety procedures properly.
Before you set off on your off roading adventure it is crucial that you take all the usual vehicle checks, you should check your tyre pressure, water levels, brakes, steering and fuel (honestly, some people do forget to!) If you feel that there is anything wrong with you vehicle then you should put off your off roading trip to ensure that your vehicle is safe to travel in.
You should make sure that before you go on your off roading trip that you are use to the vehicle which you will be driving. Make sure you’ve taken some time out to drive the 4X4 to get use to the controls in the vehicle, as they do vary in each vehicle. Don’t just assume they will be all the same, because they won’t be! You should also make yourself aware of your 4×4 engine’s air intakes; this will allow you to know what depth of water your 4×4 can go through!
You should know the exact measurements (width and height) of the 4X4 you are driving, this is so whilst you are out on your 4×4 adventure and you face any tight squeezes, you will know if your vehicle can fit through or not!
Finally, before you go out in your 4×4, make sure you know how to change a tyre! Because trust me, you will need to know! Ensure that you’ve got an extra tyre with you on your 4×4 and a jack! When packing off roading equipment, remember to distribute the weight across the vehicle evenly. This will give you less chance of tipping the vehicle over onto one side. Also remember to pack some emergency supplies which include, water, food, blanket, torch and a first aid kit!
So now it will be almost finally time to leave on your 4×4 adventure. You may already know this, but it is a good idea to travel with more than one vehicle, just in case one of them breaks down you will not be left stranded! If it is not possible to travel with another vehicle then always make sure you let someone know where you are going and what time you will be due back!
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