Important Tips to Prepare for JEE Mains Maths Paper

Taken by over a million engineering aspirants, JEE mains is one of the most competitive exams in the country. The scores obtained in JEE mains are required for admissions in top engineering colleges in India (like NITs) and are also used to shortlist students for the JEE advanced, which is a must for admissions into the IITs.

In JEE mains, maths is one of the sections and holds one-third of the total marks (120 marks) with 30 questions. This section is considered to be the most scoring by some while the most difficult by the rest. In this article, some of the most important tips to prepare for JEE mains maths paper are given which can help students to prepare and score well in this paper easily.

  • Gather Proper Study Materials

The foremost thing to do before starting with the JEE mains maths preparation is to collect proper study materials which include all the topics of the JEE mains syllabus. It is suggested to have NCERT class 11 and 12 maths book along with some reference books like Arihant, R.D. Sharma, S.L. Loney, etc. according to personal preference.

  • Make a Preparation Schedule

For JEE mains exam, it is important to be organized and follow a particular schedule. Students can start by analyzing the maths syllabus and strategizing a schedule accordingly. It should be noted that the schedule should include all the chapters and time for revision and mocks also.

  • Practice Different Question Variations & Revise

Maths need practice and for a highly competitive exam like JEE, the practice need to be double. It is important for students to practice different variations of questions from each chapter which will help to develop confidence and students can efficiently tackle any question included in the JEE mains maths paper. It is also important to revise the laws, formulas, and approaches of the questions to be able to retain them for longer.

  • Solve Sample & Question Papers

Sample papers and question papers are extremely crucial as it acquaints the students with the type, difficulty, and pattern of the exam. It is suggested to solve numerous papers and analyze the solutions properly.

  • Maths Mock Tests

Taking mock tests and analyzing them is one of the most crucial steps in the entire JEE preparation. Take the latest 2019 maths mock tests and keep analyzing the solutions to be able to solve the JEE mains 2019 maths questions easily.

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