Improve The Performance Of Your Wireless Mouse

Improve The Performance Of Your Wireless Mouse

In the world of computing, the mouse is small but mighty. It might seem like a minor peripheral but you won’t achieve much without it.

A good quality mouse can really benefit the user and it is no surprise that many of us opt for the wireless variety. After all, it prevents unwanted tangles and also eradicates the fear of snapping the wire altogether.

Using a wireless mouse can cause a few problems. Fortunately, most issues aren’t anything major can be resolved by simple habit changes. Here are three things you can do to ensure your mouse performs as it should:

Keep Level

Your mouse and keyboard are a pair. They are best used together, kept in close proximity.

A lot of people use their mouse on an elevated surface. When using wireless, this can cause slight interference and disruption to the signal. It’s unlikely to cause a massive hindrance, but even a tiny issue can be quite annoying.

The best way to prevent this is by keeping the pair at a level height, especially if your keyboard and mouse sit on a draw supported by linear motion slides. If this is the case in your home then the fact this draw can be retracted undercover will also keep your equipment protected.

In the long-run, that should help prevent any problems occurring.

Look After Batteries

When it comes to anything computer related, one of our biggest gripes is that things just don’t last as long as they should. Replacing equipment costs time and money. Value for money is key. If it lasts longer, you feel like you’ve got more worth. It doesn’t matter if that means extending the lifespan of your computer, or simply making your ink cartridges last a little bit longer.

With wireless mouses, the batteries will run out far sooner than experience any other defects. Rechargeable batteries are a good idea for saving money in the long run, also eliminating the worry of running out whilst doing something important.

As with anything electrical, the device can start playing up once the batteries are low. This tips on prolonging their lifespan should help.

Use On A Flat, Hard Surface

The old optical mouse used to work best when used on a cloth, which is why the majority of mousemats used to carry that soft material. Nowadays, the laser mouse is far more common.

Laser mouses perform best on hard, flat surfaces. Even if you aren’t using it on a desk, you should always place the wireless mouse on a suitable area. It will still work on most other surfaces, but the accuracy levels are considerable worse.

The main reason for this suggestion is tracking. This is essentially what makes the cursor moves so obviously you want it to work with the best possible accuracy. Whether using a mousemat or not, a flat solid foundation will encourage accurate levels of performance.

Although not essential, a dark surface is preferred also. The main reason for this is battery life.