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Pharma CRM

Pharmaceutical business is not easy to organize and maintain – you should keep tabs on products, transactions, employees and development of numerous pharmacies and offices. Luckily, there is a way out called pharmaceutical BPM software. This is a complex of applications and software that help to manage many business processes with less effort and expenses on workforce. Bpm’online offers high-quality BPM software ( for small and big pharmacies.

What is pharma BPM?

Just like any other business, pharmaceutical organizations have their own needs and requirements. Pharmaceutical BPM solutions are software that helps to improve the quality of service, attract new customers and manage workflow and marketing funnel. These can be cloud programs that store, process and transfer real-time data helping to manage and develop business.

Solutions for pharmaceutical companies are tailored for keeping potential customers engaged and provide them with up-to-date information about sales and medications. Besides, BPM pharmacy programs help to track orders, organize marketing campaigns, maintain communication with customers and manage sales.

Functions and features

Business process management for pharmacy allows for dealing with a full spectrum of tasks and assignments. These include:

  1. Management of customer database and tracking of the entire history of customer interactions. You will also be able to check relations between clients and acquire new information via social media and update the assets in time.
  2. Marketing communications and various tools for promotion of medications and other products. You can segment the customers and create marketing campaigns to target them, control your schedule and assign events. Besides, there are some closed loop marketing instruments and marketing resource management options.
  3. BPM pharmacy gives user a better understanding of who the key clients are, and how to benefit from account-based sales model. With its help, you can maintain effective communication with preferable pharmacy networks, medication retail companies, specialty care clinics, etc. With proper relationship strategies, you will be able to market products during certain time frames and develop partnership with every key customer.
  4. With cycle activity planning you can greatly save time: process-driven decisions and marketing predictions will make development of business easy and effective as never before. BPM for pharmaceutical companies automatically schedules the visits, calculated the number of possible visits and defines daily, weekly or monthly workload. After closing a cycle, you can compare preconfigured and actual reports.
  5. With a complete view of customers you can improve the quality and efficiency of service. CRM of bpm’online will register cases and agents to work on them, monitor how they are resolved and manage service over different channels.

Besides, this software provides a large number of tools that perform analysis of real-time statistics and provide reports. With pharma BPM you will always be able to keep tracks on industry specific aspects like cyclic tasks, marketing campaigns and workflow organization. The KPI monitoring instruments and custom report creation help to save time considerably.

Advantages of pharma BPM

Why using pharmaceutical business process management programs? This is an opportunity to optimize marketing funnel and workflow and save time and money considerably. First, bpm’online’s software provides the whole gamut of functions for business management and can replace many different programs and applications. You don’t have to overpay for extra services and waste employees’ time for them to educate on programs.

Secondly, our software is easy to use as it features simple intuitive interface. Users will be able to navigate the programs right from the start – no technical knowledge required. Programs can be used as a cloud application and are compatible with PC, tablets and smartphones on different platforms. Thirdly, business process management software can be used for interaction with customers via social media and using other communication means. This is a versatile alternative to cold calls, bulk emails, etc.

Want to learn more about bpm’online CRM solutions? Read’online_CRM and contact us to get additional information. We hope our programs will be helpful for your pharmaceutical organization.

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