Improvements In The Care Home Industry

When someone is close to our hearts and minds, their comfort is usually a great concern. With so many horror stories in the press, the decision to move to a care home is never easy to make. The fact is people are often too busy chasing their tales and trying to care for their children to commit to caring for another member of the family. In this situation, everything possible should be done to ensure the home is as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

Extreme Measures to Ensure Excellent Results
Getting a real feel for the tenants or residents is never an easy thing to do. Everyone is different and needs change from person to person. One managing director has taken things to the extreme to make sure her business’ care homes are managed properly. Pam Finnis wanted to know if the standard of care at HC-One premises was acceptable across the UK. The exercise proved that there is an abundance of people completely devoted to their job. This is good news for people who have friends or family in HC-One care homes, or are considering moving to a home. It is not such good news for shareholders of HC-One because after being pushed to the limit, Pam Finnis has brought forward the pay review of their staff to make sure they are rewarded for their continued effort.
Continual Improvements are Government Lead
The UK Government has drafted a new Care and Support Bill that further ensures the quality of adult care. The bill means that local authorities will now bear some responsibility where the safeguarding of the elderly and vulnerable adults comes in to question. In the vast majority of cases, care homes operate well beyond any recommended or expected level of care and there will be little change. The bill will be used to address the very small minority of newsworthy cases.
Anti-Loneliness Imitative
Care Services Minister Paul Burstow, brought in an online toolkit to help local authorities. The kit helps identify people who are at risk or difficult to reach and it shows how to engage and involve the elderly in a comfortable setting. The reason this initiative is regarded as so important is health problems, which result from a lack of activity and communication. Cognitive illnesses and cardio-vascular problems increase when people no longer get about their home or they have less and less communication with others.
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