Improving Security At Strip Malls

Owning a business can be a wonderful adventure, but that adventure can turn disastrous if you take unnecessary shortcuts on the security requirements. Shoplifting cost American retailers over $60 billion in 2014 alone, and $32 billion of that was internal theft. That equates to 70% in inventory shrinkage. And over time, individual five-finger discounts looped on a repetitive cycle can cause the business to implode. This is especially true for strip malls which provide multiple shopping, grooming, and eating opportunities that are convenient and accessible to the masses. Fortunately, Korner Security has the solutions needed to maintain proper security while running a well-oiled, profit-producing ship.

Awareness Is Always the Best Defense

Choose your employees well. Retail is known for its high turnover, but loyal employees aren’t rare. Make sure each customer is greeted and ensure no customer leaves the store without being noticed and offered assistance. Paying customers and shoplifting often goes hand-in-hand. Adults are responsible for 75% of theft, especially those with higher education and incomes. Shoppers under the age of 18 can be blamed for 25% of thefts. Still, 88% of kids claim they know someone who has shoplifted. Hiring attentive employees who remain aware of the customer behavior during business hours can significantly reduce theft attempts.

Consider CCTV Monitoring

Regardless of how many greeters or competent employees you have, it’s not physically possible to watch every movement and action that occurs during business hours. Technological tagging systems and sensors are crucial in the modern retail industry, but extra video surveillance can boost production and give your store an instant reputation as being safe and secure for serial shoppers. Video alone, however, isn’t enough. That’s where CCTV monitoring comes into play.

Over 70% of successful strip malls invest in visual CCTV solutions while only 46% opt for hidden options. As your store and customer base grow, CCTV solutions can change and adjust to your professional needs. And just what is the big deal about this? Well, video solutions can track and monitor slips and falls; provide close detail identification; detect and record entrances, exits, and activity during business hours; add an extra layer of personal security for customers and employees; and deter both customer and employee crime.

Kick it Up with Professional Backup Security

Apprehension is the key to keeping any business theft-free. While video cameras and an attentive staff go a long way, the presence of uniformed guards provides a blanket shield that puts the business on an entirely different level. According to the National Retail Foundation 96% of retail businesses claim theft was a problem the previous year, and various items are always at the top of the theft list. Cigarettes, weight loss pills, pregnancy tests, designer clothes, handbags, electric toothbrushes, and handheld technology are always coveted items. However, bigger items such as KitchenAid mixers, high-end vacuum cleaners, educational toys, and laundry detergent have also recently been added. The average customer theft adds up to $129 compared to $715 for the average employee theft.

While video surveillance plays an important part in security, it has its limits. Well-trained strip mall security guards can easily be customized to your business needs. Duties can include visible uniformed interior and exterior patrolling. Restroom patrols. After hour monitoring and patrols. Loss preventions and plain clothes patrolling. Parking lot escorts. Lock and alarm monitoring, 24-hour video surveillance monitoring, or even emergency response. Let Korner Security customize a comprehensive security solution to take your business to the next level.