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Selecting a court reporting company can be easier when a company or agency offers the blend of right skills and qualities. This stands true for, which is a leading name in court reporting field. Along with the services of qualified and experienced court reporters, Huseby put forward lawsuit support services as well. Court reporting involves voice writing reporters and stenographic reporters, using two different techniques of transcribing court proceedings in real time or recorded speech. Training and skills required involved in both the techniques differ greatly. Huseby provide a trained team of court reporters as well as videographers for delivering services as per the needs of the client.

Coverage for different cases

Covering litigations such as products liability, intellectual property, environment, medical malpractices, business litigations, or construction, court reporters at Huseby ensure that they lend a helping hand in different cases. Other than nationwide court reporting, it offers real-time court reporting solutions, top quality control measures, video and transcript synchronization, safe repository, which is web based, and many other major services. Operating since 1972, Huseby employs extensively experienced court reporters, making it one of the major litigation support companies in U.S. and across the globe as well.

Equipped with latest technology and required skills
Being a renowned court reporting company Huseby ensures that its court reporters possess basic skills like minimum speed of writing, licensure, research skills, computer skills, editing as well as proofreading skills, along with experience of handling both simple and complex cases. Availability and access to latest technology enable the court reporters to fulfill client’s needs along with court reporting needs of law firms and other legal professionals. Schedules, online invoices, calendars, exhibits, transcripts, and several other web-based resources are offered to court reporters for delivering exceptional results. Top-notch technology allows court reporters to access web conferencing facilities and to connect to local or remote transcript feed.

Facilities on offer
Majority of firms look for a court reporting company with a wide local base and conference suits in place for clients in remote areas. Huseby offers the same and even claims to help the clients in saving some money and time involved in various litigations. Attached with the green movement it ensures satisfaction for environment conscious clients. Stronghold on language, accuracy, and maturity are other qualities embedded in the court reporters. As far the fee is concerned, facility of direct deposit and reasonable rates are added perquisites offered by Huseby.

Large network
Attorneys and law firms gain from global litigation services coupled with branding and superior quality standards. Advanced customer support service and support staff helps to connect clients with court reporters fulfilling their requirements and to resolve other queries at the same time. Confirmed certifications, minimum verification of references, detailed oriented court reporters, all these are packaged together for clients demanding excellent results. Huge network of court reports make sure that finding qualified reporters do not consume much time. Huseby offers added help to gather information about any other court reporting company and professionals in different locations. Regional centers and scheduling services handle all needs associated with litigation support.

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