Incredible Experiences Of Maharajas Express Train

Incredible Experiences Of Maharajas Express Train

The name itself is an indication of the kind of train Maharajas Express is. The luxury train is a result of the collaboration of the IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) and Cox and Kings India. The two came together evaluating the opportunity of luxury travel in India and the Maharajas Express was launched. The difference between the Maharajas and another luxury train depends on the fact that this train is not completely a work of the government; rather it has a private player involved too. Apart from this, the trip that the train offers is not one but four. Actually, you can say that there are two trips, with each trip having the versatility to be taken in a reverse manner.

This luxury Indian train functions well prepared sleeping cars, two elegant restaurants, a safari bar, sitting lounge and a store with a great collection of beautiful relics. To make the visitors experience unique, 24hours assistant solutions also available aboard this train. While making reference to its features, the Presidential Suite needs a special mentioning. This elegant suite contributes on more appeal and grandness to this luxury train as it covers over an entire carriage and houses two rooms, two connected washrooms, and one living cum dining area. Though the train cost is a little high as compared to other luxury trains, but it includes a host of functions.

Capturing the minds and hearts of its visitors with its 7-star functions and services, Maharajas Express is a perfect example of luxury. Providing five trip itineraries touching different themes, this train guarantees you a lifetime experience. Maharajas Express Itineraries are named as The Heritage of India, The Indian Panorama, The Gems of India, Treasures of India and The Indian Splendor.

Unlike regular trips based on the touring and adventures, the itineraries here are designed to give an overall elegant experience to the travelers. Every time aboard is filled with enjoyment, making them feel unique in every way possible. Each aspect of this fabulous trail is described with the difference.

The feeling of being a blessed traveler starts even before he boards the train. Traditional Indian reception wherein visitors receives a celebratory verve of music, dancing and welcome beverages as an ice-breaker. That enjoyment of being unique and expectation of what’s coming up next crush them. They desperately start waiting for their time of wonder, I.e. the starting point when they will enter this train and be a Maharaja of seven days.

And when they step in, a cheerful, respectful and helpful worker is there, foldable hands and offering grateful welcome. Working as a team member for the train, he works together with great dedication for the visitors. Just like the khitmatgars did for their kings. They perform all through the day for the smooth performing and exceptional guests’ experience.

At the first sight, the visitors might experience confused with their support. But as the trip advances, their hang-ups get over and they you can call upon their worker for all their requirements. Such is the wonder of the trip of Indian Luxury Maharaja Express Train that changes the passengers’ perspective on what luxury is all about.