Indian Ocean Islands: Seychelles

In these wild and fluctuating economic times, many a discerning investor is moving his or her portfolio out of the stock market. A simple look at the fortunes of any Wall Street company will tell you why. Many who prefer to make sound investments rather than risk their capital, will advise purchasing good old-fashioned bricks and mortar. With this in mind, some are even looking further abroad and the Indian Ocean islands are becoming an increasingly popular destination of choice for affluent property buyers.
Seychelles is a short distance from Africa, Asia and Europe when travelling by air and is experiencing impressive growth in terms of property investment opportunities. Eden Island in particular has received attention from several international markets – with buyers from over 30 countries already having invested in waterfront property here.

Eden Island view across from Anse Tec-Tec
Why Seychelles?
Any country that focuses on investing in its people and preserving natural assets the way Seychelles does is always worth keeping an eye on. With a recent turn around in its fortunes, Seychelles experienced a 5% economic growth in 2011. Much of this growth can be attributed to the efforts of President James Alix Michel. He is a firm believer in his nation’s future and as such has been elected twice to the presidency. His focused hand is steering this island nation to new highs.
Aside from being a fantastic example for other emerging countries, especially when it comes to looking after tourists, Seychelles has become the preferred destination for honeymooners from all over the world. It’s not hard to see why, especially when you look at all of the options available here, some of which include:

  • Island Hopping – With approximately 116 islands in Seychelles, there is literally something for everyone. Select one island as your “home base” and explore the tranquility and natural wonder of one of the most beautiful places on earth. This archipelago is famed for its hiking trails, pristine beaches and amazing crystal-clear waters.
  • Scuba Diving – Under water adventuring in Seychelles is some of the best in the world and the diving instructors will take you from novice to deep-sea explorer in no time. Book early to make sure you get the best possible training and the most time in the water.
  • Sailing and Fishing – With the abundance of spectacular sea life and wonderful winds for sailing, Seychelles is an ocean-junkie’s delight. Catch your first or seven hundredth fish as you pick your spot for the day on the cool blue majesty that is the Indian Ocean. However, be sure only to find your sport in areas where fishing is allowed. Seychelles has extremely strict legislation protecting the natural habitats of both land and sea animals in the archipelago.

Why not plan your next holiday to this little slice of paradise in the Indian Ocean? You can even enjoy a visit to the wonderful Eden Island, where you might just find a small piece of heaven to call your own.
The Vanilla Islands is a group of Indian Ocean archipelagos that have begun marketing themselves as a collective. This group includes Seychelles, which is home to the luxury residential marina development – Eden Island.