Indoor Fountains Promote Well-being For Doctors’ Offices

We’ve all had the experience of waiting in doctors’ offices. It can be a long, frustrating process, and depending on the reason for your visit, can also be quite stressful. If you run a medical office, you are probably looking for ways to make your patients feel more comfortable while they wait. Indoor fountains are a great way to bring relaxation and aesthetic appeal to any waiting room.

Comfort Your Clients

Clients are often stressed while waiting at a doctor’s office. They are probably there because they are sick or injured. They may also be about to undergo a painful or frightening medical procedure. Providing comfort and calm in the waiting room is important, not only for the wellbeing of your clients, but so the whole process of their visit goes smoothly for you and your staff.

The soothing sound of an indoor water feature can help put stressed-out patients at ease. It can also help relax people who have been waiting for long periods of time, and might be angry or frustrated with the delay. Not only is flowing water a naturally relaxing sound, it acts as a humidifier, which helps your clients literally breathe easier. This also improves air quality in the workplace for you and your employees, creating a healthier and calmer environment all around.

Another benefit of indoor fountains is that they produce negative ions. Negative ions are molecules that are plentiful in natural, outdoor atmospheres, but are hard to come by indoors. These ions promote proper circulatory and breathing function, improve mood, and stimulate energy. Positive ions, which are emitted by electronic equipment, have the opposite effect. Increasing negative ion production through indoor water features will improve the health and brighten the mood of your employees and patients alike.

Provide Confidentiality

The flowing water produced by indoor fountains is a white noise, which is helpful for providing confidentiality. Many conversations that occur in waiting rooms and doctor’s offices are private, and the sound of a fountain can prevent others from overhearing things that aren’t their business. Further, clients may simply not want to be distracted by others’ discussions while they are in the waiting room. Medical staff may also want to cover up sounds that can be unsettling to patients, such as a drill or a saw running.

While unwanted noise can be drowned out, indoor fountains are still quiet enough so as not to distract physicians, prevent receptionists from hearing the phone ring, or make important conversations too difficult to hear.

Beautify Your Office

Indoor water features bring beauty to any office space, and come in a variety of styles. Tabletop fountains are small and portable, and can easily be added to a waiting room, a private office, or even a front desk. Floor fountains are larger and can serve as a stunning design element for a lobby or a large waiting room. Indoor wall fountains are a sleek feature to add to your front office or waiting area, without taking up a lot of space.

There are many different designs for indoor fountains, so you can find one that fits the unique look and feel of your office or clinic. You can even get a fountain that includes your business name, logo, or slogan on it.

A more aesthetically pleasing environment can make the workplace more enjoyable for you and your staff, raising morale and promoting good working relationships. Clients will also be more likely to return to a facility that is visually appealing, and is a pleasant physical space to be in.

Try an indoor water fountain for your doctor’s office today, and watch the ways it can benefit your business. 

Polly Godwin is the owner of, a company specializing in indoor fountains as well as home and business décor.