Inflation Forces Rio’S Residents To Arm Fake Currency As A Weapon

Fed up with price hike and inflation, the residents of Rio have set up a new Facebook page, giving tips as how to cut down costs. They have even designed a fake currency note, featuring the face of Salvador Dali. The rise of prices before the World Cup and the Olympics 2016 is indeed alarming. The Facebook page is called “Rio $urreal – Don’t Pay” and it is designed to boycott the usurious prices charged by restaurants, bars and shops. The page has gained many likes and has quickly gathered about 150,000 supporters. The follower base would increase in the coming months.

The word Surreal has been deliberately used in the Facebook page. The reason is simple. The people at Rio think that it is surrealistic to charge huge amounts for paltry commodities. A meager toasted sandwich coats about £5 and green salad costs £10. This price hike is unthinkable. Inflation has not left the property market untouched. The prices of properties have increased 15-20% annually in the last two years. The Rio residents realize that it’s time to fight back and raise their voices for a common cause. Thus, the Facebook page has been designed to gain supporters.

The mock bank note is designed with the face of Salvador Dali O Gobo. Some newspapers have joked that Brazil needs its own currency, and some feel that the face of a national hero can intensify their protest. TV editor Andrea Cals feels that it is not a joke anymore. He feels that they cannot act like an average Brazilian who simply makes a joke of the situation and swallows all the pain. Time has come to make some protest. He feels that inflation must be stopped at some level. After all, he is spending more than he is earning, and that’s a serious issue.

The Facebook page is provided with various cost curtailing tips. Some of these tips are like people can carry their own chairs to the beach instead of hiring one. This will help them to save a few pennies. People should sham taxi drivers, who charge extra and avoid going to expensive bars to fight price hike. Surreal has also given rise to the Isorporzinho (icebox) movement. The movement got its name after a few friends decided to carry their own ice box to Leme beach, instead of purchasing food and drink from the beach restaurants and bars. Leme beach is one of the most expensive beaches. Other party-goers too, turned up with their own ice boxes, following their example.