Influence A Healthy Lifestyle In Your Bathroom

People are becoming more and more concerned with generating a healthier lifestyle at home. Improving both your body and mind in the comfort of your own environment can have positive effects when it comes to achieving the ultimately ‘feel good’ routine.  Diet and exercise is only the beginning however, as the healthy lifestyle is now being encouraged in the way we decorate our homes. Embracing natural choices and creating the most relaxing atmosphere is proven to help homeowners state of mind and therefore willingness to maintain a positive way of life.
Arguably the best place to begin influencing a calm and tranquil atmosphere is the bathroom. As this is the place where we begin our day and retreat in the evening, the overall style of the room can have a massive impact on how we feel. Creating a lavish oasis in which you can escape and unwind will ensure you achieve the best possible start and end to the most tiring of days.

Contemporary designs which utilise sharp lines and corners can often have the opposite effect. Bathrooms which present soft, flowing, and rounded designs are more likely to influence the most relaxing experience. Circular freestanding basins and corner baths are ideal for this and also a great way to add a luxuriously eye catching feature in the room.
Subtle smelling candles and incense are the perfect way to add a soothing sense to any bathroom. Certain aromas such as lavender are well known for relaxing the mind and are a great way of naturally unwinding. The famous saying ‘a tidy house makes for a tidy mind’ should definitely be considered in this instance however, and you should be careful not to clutter your space with so many accessories. Introducing natural light and fresh air through open windows will also enhance a calming atmosphere although outdoor sounds can be disturbing if you’re wishing to achieve complete tranquillity.
Heated flooring is a luxurious aspect to use in your bathroom as experiencing warmth can instantly relax your whole body and release any tensions you may have. Heated towel rails are also a way of introducing small amounts of heat into your bathroom and ensuring your laundry is kept cosy for when you exit the bath.
Having the perfect environment to relax your body as well as your mind will benefit you in preparing for the day ahead or easing the pain of a stressful day. Don’t hesitate to utilise these ideas in your own bathroom and instantly promote a healthy lifestyle with a positively content and relaxed attitude.
This article was written by Alexandra, a health and fitness fanatic, who enjoys passing on advice to help people enhance a healthy lifestyle. With Bathshop321’s range of high quality bathroom suites, Alex assures that this can be acheived at home, without spending a lot of money!