Info On How To Bypass iCloud Lock from iPhone

Info On How To Bypass iCloud Lock from iPhone

Even though it was not expected at all the iOS 8 Bypass Activation lock as emerged. With this tool you can Bypass your iOS 8 activation lock on your iPhone using only a DNS server and some glitches.

It is not a permanent solution for the moment being but still it will allow you the much needed access into your device’s data to obtain the info our need. Moreover, with this service you will be also to Bypass the iOS 8 activation lock and use your device in normal manner and you even will be able to watch flicks, watch YouTube videos or play online games. The Bypass method offers many features that are yet to be explored.

For the time being the Bypass iCloud activation lock methods has been tested on iPhone 6,6+ and iPhone 5S,5  4S and it is confirmed that it can remove the lock from them.

As I said above to be able to use this method you will need to use custom DNS servers. For this particular service the DNS server which you need to enter is:

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

The next step would be to go to the last activation screen chose the Activation Help feature which will navigate you to the custom website. From here you can watch movies, play some games or watch videos on YouTube as well as much more.

Even though for the time being the Bypass iCloud activation lock for iOS 8 still does not provide permanent solution it can really help you if you need to get some really important data from your device.

I have personally tested the Bypass iCloud Activation lock on my iPhone 6 and I can confirm that it really works. You can use it completely for free and I am confident that you will get positive results if you stick to the provided step by step instructions on how to bypass iCloud activation lock.

Give the Bypass iCloud Activation lock a chance and share your thoughts on it with the rest of the community.