Inheritance In Turkey

Inheritance in Turkey

In case you are not familiar with the Turkish laws regarding the inheritance, you are up for a long and agonizing experience. Now, what would you do? Deal with the grievances of losing a loved one or dealing with the dead individual’s relatives and court proceedings. Numerous foreigners who came to Turkey and became citizen of Turkey via a marriage don’t even have the slightest idea how to deal with several proceedings and related parties for the inheritance.

Here comes Acacia International – a law firm with highly talented attorney who can guide you through the inheritance process. They have worked with a lot of inheritance issues in Turkey and those highly satisfied customers now became the testimonials for Acacia International.

The Beneficiaries

As long as the deceased didn’t leave a will, all the assets will be divided between the existing children/s and wife/wives. However, on the off chance that the deceased had no children, the properties will be inherited by his wife/wives and deceased’s parents. Then again, in case the deceased’s parents are dead, his siblings will inherit his assets and properties. If the court can’t find any blood relations, the entire asset will be inherited by none other than the available husband or wife. Finally, in case the court of law can’t find any beneficiaries, the entire asset will belong to the State of Turkey.

The Process

At the outset, the beneficiary will need to collect a beneficiary certificate from the local court. This is one important document that will allow you to apply for the change of ownership in the court of law. The court will proceed with numerous credentials to verify and permit the beneficiary/beneficiaries the ownership of the properties and other assets.

The Acacia International will help you filling up and authorizing all the beneficiary documentations at the same time. They will aid you in gathering all the associated legal documents such as birth certificate, death certificate and will also include the death certificate. Moreover, you have to submit the affidavit stating only regarding the related beneficiary /beneficiaries.

They will take you through the court proceedings via applying to the Turkish court of law. For the second step, they will help you in assembling all the required documents that have to be submitted for the change of ownership. Thirdly, they will help you in arranging all the property transfer after the completion of the court hearings and entitlement.

Taxations for Beneficiaries

The beneficiaries will have to pay the inheritance tax. The rate of inheritance tax will depend on the equity of the asset. Inheritors with high property values will have to reimburse a larger sum while successors with low property values will have to compensate a smaller amount – it’s as simple as that.

If you want to avoid all the aggravations with the inheritance in Turkey, get in touch with the law firm – Acacia International. It’s a name you can put your trust on without a doubt.