Inspiration for Your Print Design Projects

With all the hype surrounding digital marketing, print marketing often gets forgotten about. But, print marketing is still one of the best ways of promoting your business, service or event, even with all of the new digital marketing options which are now available. Often, print marketing can be done at a much cheaper rate than the digital marketing alternatives, and the amount of people you reach can still be just as great, and yield just as good – if not better – results than digital marketing would, especially with certain types of businesses like club events, and real estate firms – flyers, brochures and other types of printed marketing materials work extremely well in those two industries particularly.

Print marketing has a few benefits which you can’t get with digital marketing, and these benefits can make a big difference. Print marketing gives you a greater way to connect with your customers, it’s easier to establish your local presence. You can send out personalized postcards and flyers to your local community, or visit local businesses directly and hand them your marketing materials, or even set up a booth at a local event, or your local town-centre and hand out informational packets.

I’ve gathered a huge selection of marketing materials to help inspire you and give you some ideas for when you’re creating your own marketing materials. These examples include flyers, brochures, information packs, and even a few examples of custom printed doorhangers – which can work especially well if used properly, for example, if you run a restaurant and there is a local hotel nearby, you could talk to the hotel about the possibility of hanging one of your doorhangers in each room – a nice, powerful piece of advertising.

Hopefully this collection of amazing examples has given you plenty of fresh ideas to work with. If you haven’t used print before, then it’s definitely time you give it a try – you’ll be surprised with the results.

Once you’ve finished your design work and you’re looking for a company to print your materials for you, make sure you select a company who provide a manual quality check on each order – if you don’t choose a company like this, then you could end up with low quality prints which will fail miserably as marketing materials. I’ve always used NextDayFlyers and recommend them to anyone who is looking for an online printer.