Integra Pricing – Getting To Know The Details

While there is no denying the fact that pricing is one of the major criteria that drives every business decision, care must be taken to analyze the bigger picture in such a situation. Take for instance, telecom products and services. Here, going in for the cheapest bid may not work out in the long run. Instead, the focus should really be on which company delivers the greatest value for money. One such company’s name that is linked with such high-value products and services is Integra Telecom. Looking for Integra pricing when it comes to the different products is easy when you navigate their website.

How is the pricing done?

One of the biggest factors that go into making up a price quote is the kind of features that the client wants. For instance, Integra offers solutions for:

  • Different industries or sectors
  • Connectivity solutions
  • Solutions aimed at fostering business continuity
  • Cloud-based services
  • Managed hosting and
  • Bundled options for a vast range of their products

For each of these categories, you will be given a different kind of price structure. Ideally, you could also contact a master agent who can take you through the process of communicating and selecting solutions from Integra Telecom. Such a master agent will be able to balance out your need for the optimum telecom solutions, cost effectiveness and also keep in mind your future requirements.

Bundled services
One of the popular categories of products is the company’s Business Connect Bundles that combine Internet-based solutions, voice solutions and so on. When you compare such bundled services to standalone products and features, you may find out that the former delivers greater value for money.

Security solutions
There is no doubt whatsoever that every company, big or small, needs their network and communications to be extremely secure. Breaches in such security can cause severe damage and can also bring a business to a complete halt. Even government organizations are vulnerable and therefore looking for the strongest security solutions makes complete sense. Integra pricing would therefore depend on aspects such as

  • Need for cloud-based firewall protection
  • Securing storage of data
  • Keeping data transmission routes safe from cyber threats
  • Proactive monitoring and threat detection services
  • Keeping mission critical data safe from harm

Security also entails robust disaster recovery operations. Thus, should a data breach take place, then the telecom company or service provider should be able to also recover your data in quick time so as to minimize business disruption.

The growth of cloud computing
There is no doubt whatsoever that the cloud is here to stay. More and more organizations are migrating even mission-critical applications to the cloud and eliminating huge investments in hardware. They are also enjoying benefits such as flexibility and cost effectiveness. When you opt for such cloud-based services, Integra pricing will turn out to be an extremely high value proposition. They also have a managed services clutch of products which work out extremely cost-effective for both small and big businesses. This also gives the business the advantage of continuing to focus on its core area and leave data management and Internet connectivity to the experts.

James is a writer and blogger with 5 years experience.