Interesting Office Spaces

Anyone with an office job will agree that, since most of us spend the largest parts of our day at work, it’s immensely important that, not only is it comfortable and relaxing, but it looks good to. There is nothing more depressing than walking into a grey, lifeless cubicle every day – but that’s a problem employees at the following companies certainly don’t have.
Sugamo Shunkin Bank in Japan
The thought of working at a bank doesn’t inspire thoughts of serenity, but a bank in Japan has gone the extra mile to ensure employees and customers are treated to a feast of the senses the moment they walk through the doors. The theme is based on leaves so, in addition to the hand painted leaves and colour that can be seen on the façade of the bank, the interior boasts multiple indoor courtyards with towering trees and moss-like green grass – giving the space the feel of a magical forest.

HOK in London
Employees at this architecture firm can literally walk from their desks to a picnic spot running through the middle of the office for lunch. The central corridor not only boasts an inviting stretch of green, but there are also deck chairs and picnic tables set up. Employees can lose their shoes and socks and stretch out for some relaxation right before walking the few steps back to their desks and continuing with the day’s work – awesome. The building has also been awarded for its green architecture and use of environmentally friendly furniture and fittings.
Thinkgarden in Italy
This meeting space was built on the premise that creativity is induced by nature and not stress, and so architects and designers went to great lengths to inject an atmosphere of pure relaxation into the building. Employees are able to leave their desks and go relax in an area with hammocks, boulders and natural greenery, while bright flowers adorn almost every space. There is also an indoor putting green for anyone who enjoys a round of putting while thinking.
Google in America
What would this list be if we didn’t mention the famed Google campuses that cater to the wellbeing, entertainment and creativity of their employees in startling fashion? The offices are some of the most famous in the world, with Zen relaxation spots, a cosmopolitan array of in-house eatery’s, relaxing outdoor areas and creative indoor spaces where employees can have fun, relax and take a load off.
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