Interior Design Trends For Fall & Winter 2012

Are you redecorating? Remodeling? Just looking for a little change in your home? As the weather gets cooler, the fall is the perfect time to play with new design elements and accents in your home. If you need a little inspiration, here are some of the interior design trends for this fall and winter 2012. Whether you incorporate them a little or a lot, these trends will help bring a new look to your home.
Texture. It’s such a broad term, and it’s perhaps the biggest trend in interior design for season. Texture can be applied just about anywhere. Different textures give a room character, and make it feel more interesting and three-dimensional. There are many places you can experiment with texture.

A throw rug with some sort of texture can add style to your floor. Artwork and wall hangings with texture are big this year. Play with texture in your pillows. Hang interesting fabrics on your wall. Go with rough edges, sandiness, wood, wicker, knitting, and more – anything that’s not smooth.
Contrary to modern technology, trendy interior design is going in the direction of old and rustic. An antique or traditional motif in a room makes it feel familiar and comforting. The trend is to focus on unique qualities that are charming and have character, rather than anything sleek, clean, and stylized. Mismatched design elements, and design elements that feel worn, raw, or weathered, are popular. Focus on things that are personal to you or speak to your heritage, for example.

Color Trends
Pantone’s Fall 2012 Color Report focuses on fashion, but its trends carry over into interior design quite beautifully. Popular colors this year are earthy and flesh-toned. They’re natural, and they include colors like the heavy brown French Roast, the strong gray Titanium, and the vintage yellow Honey Gold. These darker colors go with the rustic trend. They aren’t dreary, but deep and rich. On the contrary, a few other popular colors, like Tangerine Tango and Pink Flambé, are a bit brighter, and they can bring a little pop of color into your home.

Sectional, Leather Sofas
Sectional sofas are popular. They’re big and L-shaped, and it makes for a family-oriented feel in your living room. They’re great for entertaining. As many families renew their desire to be close and spend quality time together and with their friends, sectional sofas make sense. Leather sofas are also popular, and so is leather in just about anything. Leather is a fabric that can feel rich and rustic. It has a lot of character and widespread appeal. It’s long-lasting, which makes it a great investment this season.
Natural elements can be incorporated into interior design in many different ways, and nature is another big trend. Bringing items like stones in the home, or selecting artwork that includes bird figures, for example, is an excellent way to make your home feel more natural in general. It’s a retreat from manufactured and modern design, and quite literally focuses on bringing people back to their roots in nature, which often feels serene and tranquil.
Prepared by Minnie Brown in tandem with Buckingham Interior Design. A group dedicated to delivering elegance in design.