Introduction Of Audio Calls To Whatsapp

Introduction Of Audio Calls To Whatsapp

Since the very early times, people required some mediums to communicate with each other. At the very beginning strings and cups were used to fulfill this purpose, then came an era of telephones after its invention. Slowly and gradually mobile phones came into the occurrence and the way of communication become even easier. As the mobiles phones entered the market many new service providers also found their existence and many new companies were formed. At staring the cost of calling was really high and people need to even spend a handsome amount of money to receive a call. So the mobile phones were limited to only rich and selected people.

Then after the evolution in technology, which took many years, the rates of calling came down a lot, but still it is not that much less that a person can talk and talk to anyone he wants to. And then, comes the boon in the communication field with none other than Whatsapp. After the launching of Whatsapp in 2009, the things changed. People started using Whatsapp to send messages and that too at a very cheap rate. Popularity of Whatsapp kept on increasing and then came that day when Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook purchased Whatsapp from its original owners and gave it his own touch to it. Check out some good deals for earbuds for small ears here.

The biggest step taken by Mark after purchasing Whatsapp was to introduce Audio calls to Whatsapp, which was like something great as the rates of using Whatsapp were not changed and in fact the feature of audio calling was introduced, which only used your internet data and nothing else. There are no time limits of making a call, you can talk to anyone, anywhere and at any time. This increased the popularity of Whatsapp even more as millions of new users started using Whatsapp because of this. The quality of these audio calls is very good, but the only condition required is a good internet connection for that. Do you even have an idea that Whatsapp is planning to launch a whole new interface for the whole new coming smartphones  of the new generations like Note 6 and Sony Xperia Z6! Now can you beleive every series is to be as special as iPhone is!

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So, overall this idea of introducing audio calls is a big hit and has taken Whatsapp to another level.