Introduction to Flexible Unified Architecture

The right way to deal with the technical challenges of your organisation is by availing the efficient services provided by the integration of Cisco and NetApp. The only objective of the mutual association of these two technologies is to combine server and networking enhancements into a single unit for producing quick and simple solutions to technological problems. It helps make the whole procedure of management easy by connecting consumers to the enterprise and the branch office to providers in an organised manner. This kind of flexible unified system combines useful components that suit your existing environment.

Importance of Flexible Unified Architecture

FlexPod is commonly defined as a pre-designed database configuration that carries a set of software infrastructure options to help improve the performance of various technology service providers. This kind of data centre solution offers the necessary storage devices and networking by integrating many operating systems and technologies. It also has flash cache storage, which is offered by the technology of NetApp. This useful attribute assists in the faster processing of data and makes it highly popular among organisations.

The importance of FlexPod is more noticeable in multi-data deployments, where it is essential to find any fault in the networking system. The unified gears of Cisco and NetApp assist you in the management of your infrastructure pools in a more efficient and organised way. FlexPod is a great option to link the enterprise to its branch office more conveniently with the assistance of the integrated infrastructure solutions offered by NetApp.

FlexPod can be optimised with numerous techniques to offer solutions to every organisation by making use of multiple deployments. You can also secure and configure your virtual desktop and server infrastructure with this amazing data centre solution.

Some of the basic attributes that provide better technological infrastructure solutions are mentioned below:

  • Great Features: It simplifies the deployment of IT services by making use of NetApp storage, Cisco Nexus switches, and Cisco servers. You have a cooperative support model and application guide to simplify distribution.
  • Save Money: It helps minimise the overall expenses of Internet technology by avoiding unnecessary budget spikes.
  • Storage Facilities: The storage facility provided is multiple times better than those provided by other data centre solutions available on the market.
  • Flexible to Your Demands: You can scale the service up or down according to the requirements of your business.
  • Agile: When needed, it helps deliver an effective transformation and drastically minimises the time for marketing new services and products.
  • Secure Services: It combines standard technologies of three globalised services, Cisco, NetApp, and VMware, to deliver secure services to organisations.

This kind of effective data centre solution is designed while keeping flexibility and agility in mind. You can simply scale a single configuration or scale out multiple configurations with the help of such a data centre. Consumers can make use of the combined technical support and the effective technologies of the mutual association of Cisco and NetApp. These networking solutions, also referred to as flexible unified architecture, are a sure-fire way of eliminating risks and minimising deployment.