iPhone 5: What’s Hot And What’s Not

iPhone is finally unveiled by its own manufacturer, the iOS giant, Apple. A lot of people were delighted with the rumoured features that they were able to confirm during its launch just this September 12. However, some are disappointed for different reasons like not seeing features that they hoped for or new features included that didn’t meet some folks’ standards.

Let us take a recap of the iPhone 5 features, what made this iOS smartphone cool and what made it not so cool:

  • The A6 chipset – When the new iPad came out, a lot of people believed that the iPhone 5 will be powered with the same chip that Apple used for the latest iPad which is the A5X.However, Apple did better by including a much better chipset, the A6. The said chip is way much better by having the capacity to perform twice as fast as the A5, the chip that iPhone 4S currently has. The A6 can also improve the graphics significantly.
  • Amazing internet connectivity – The iPhone 5 is also enhanced when it comes to the internet connectivity feature. The iPhone 5 now has the 4G LTE where users can enjoy amazing internet connection through a fast cellular network. However, if their carrier does not happen to have this technology, they can still use the mobile internet with the 3.5G HDPA+. The WiFi connection is also updated making it capable of reaching 150 mbps. For these reasons, getting a high speed internet connection at home will indeed be worth it.
  • Improved dimension meant for better convenience and portability – iPhones have always been known for their dimension that is ideal for navigating the smartphone conveniently with one hand. Apple even improved this feature in their iPhone 5 by making it even thinner and lighter.
  • Still 8MP for the camera – iPhone 5’s rear camera is still at 8MP but Apple included a panorama feature this time. Apple also claims that it has improved the shutter speed. These improvements may not be that sensational but they’re still something that makes the camera better than the predecessor.
  • No NFC technology yet – While the other flagship smartphones already have this technology, Apple decided not to include this in iPhone 5, at least for now. As for the Passbook mobile wallet system where people thought that the NFC technology is meant for, there’s nothing much to worry since the said feature is software based and will work perfectly fine as long as there is a mobile broadband connection which is practically, almost everywhere.
  • The 4-inch screen – This item could either be in the ‘cool’ or ‘not so cool’ segment of this article. For iPhone fanatics who have hoped for an increase from their historical 3.5 inch screen, they will certainly appreciate the 4 inch screen size. On the other hand, those who are looking at all the smartphones in the market these days will think that iPhone 5 still won’t make it in the large display category considering that the leading smartphones have at least 4.5 inches for their screen size. But before people get themselves disappointed with iPhone’s still small screen size after its increase from the usual 3.5 inch screen size, they should take a look at its vibrant Retina display packed with 1136 x 640 pixels, resulting to a 326 ppi pixel density.

Final Words

The iPhone 5 is certainly, a breakthrough among the iPhones and even with some lacking features, it shouldn’t get in the way of being the best iPhone and the best smartphone in the market today.

About the author:

Kristine M. is an experienced writer/blogger, focusing on tech topics such as high speed internet, broadband providers, the latest gadgets and operating systems.