iPhone Jailbreaking: Pros and Cons Of Jailbreaking An iPhone

iPhone Jailbreaking: Pros and Cons Of Jailbreaking An iPhone

There are thousands of people who are happy with the iPhone due to its fantastic Apps and other accessories. They are beautiful in shape and elegant, without any hassle for its users. But as there are satisfied users there are people who are not contented with their gadget. The reason for not being happy is mostly because they are restricted in using some apps, as iPhones have apps installed in them which cannot be customized according to personal needs.

Such limitations are not acceptable to many. Due to this people start looking for loopholes to get rid of the restrictions. People resort to the jailbreak option. This is not only illegal but also causes harm to your iPhone, but people are rarely ready to listen to anyone else. On the other hand Apple has been trying to put a stop to this theft since 2007.

One should not be surprised if you find iPhone users frustrated, because they would be bound to follow something on their device without their own wishes.

If we compare Mac with iPhone the difference is very obvious. Mac does not restrict the user to limited apps. In case one does not want to use a specific app they can download other apps or browsers. No one would be compelled to use only those apps which are installed as it is the case in iPhone. When a person gets cornered then alternate options are used to get the work done. The thing people opt for is jailbreak.

What is Jailbreak?

There are very few people who know what jailbreak is. iPhone software can be violated by jailbreaking in the Apple phone. This would allow the user to install apps from the app store and apart from that they would be able to download other files too. You should not mix jailbreaking with iPhone unlocking. What needs to be understood about iPhones is that they are locked to a specific network. Even if they are unlocked they still would not be able to download other apps. One would still be forced to use applications which are of no need to many.

Like all other things jailbreak has its positives and along with it, it has its disadvantages too:

  1. One should be able to do anything and everything with it.
  2. No restrictions on downloading apps from anywhere.
  3. Alternate apps should be used in case the installed ones are not working.
  4. Adjust the phone according to your personality and you would not have to stick to your limited options.

If you want to jailbreak your iPhone then it would be a lot easier in U.S. than in other parts of the world as it is totally legal. There are many iOS versions running, you just have to search and come up with the right jailbreaking software. There are various apps available in the stores – Pangu is the most commonly used app to jailbreak iOS 7. When you are going to jailbreak make sure you back up all your data to avoid any issues.

The 5 Main Reasons for not Jailbreaking your iPhone are:

You will no longer be having a valid iPhone warranty. The staff would not be very helpful and chances are that they may turn you down too.

  1. Your iPhone will be exposed to all sorts of virus and would leave the “walled garden” of Apple.
  2. You may not be able to find an updated version of the software till it does not come in the jailbreak version. It would take a lot of time for that.
  3. Once you jailbreak your iPhone you would see that the soft ware would start crashing frequently or even hang your device. This would even shorten the life of your iPhone battery.

If you are planning of jailbreaking then you better consult it with some other friends as it can turn into a disaster.

Apple’s opinion:

Apple does not approve of jailbreaking. Apart from exposing the iphone to malicious viruses they are protecting their own company too. Apple needs to be paid too so the apps store is regularly updated.