Is Abolition Of Family A Good Idea?

We always believed that the family is the basic unit of our society. We are in a world dominated by multinational companies and governed by capitalist-leaning leaders.
Functions of family
It binds current societies together simply because it’s the most basic unit, as stipulated in the constitution of some countries. The definition may differ from state to state because of several factors like religion, culture, and form of government.
There are actually several views regarding the concept of family. And to answer the question raised in this article, I will be focusing on Marxian (or Marxist) view regarding family. I will point out the works of Marx and Engels and their theories regarding family.
Plus, because they are leaning towards the establishment of an egalitarian state, I will also give some examples of the events in the past which almost resulted in the abolition of the concept of family.
The Marxian view
According to Marx and Engels, the concept of family supports the capitalists and helps in maintaining the power of the capitalists. It is patriarchal in nature, which makes it perfect for maintaining lineage and for passing on inheritance. Furthermore, it is one way of abusing women because they serve the households without getting compensation for it.
So in order to create a state where everybody is equal and to limit the hold of “capitalists”, the concept of family should be abolished.
From a ‘functionalist’ point of view, the family consoles the workers after a long day of work. That’s why the next day they are ready to work hard again for and because of their families.
How can it possibly be abolished?
The only way that a family can be abolished is by establishing a state based on the concepts proposed by Marx and Engels. Some states adopt communist ideals – which include China and the former USSR.
There are currently 5 countries that are under a “communist” form of government. These include China, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea, and Cuba.
Ideally-speaking if these countries really follow the Communist Manifesto, then families could have long been eradicated and be replaced by an egalitarian unit (a commune probably). It happened during the Cultural Revolution, wherein the concept of family was almost eradicated in China.
Families were forced to work in the rural areas. The parents were required to work in farms while their children were conscripted in the Red Guards.
If family is abolished, then we can imagine a world without cases of divorce or of issues regarding divorce. However, for us who live in a democratic country, it is totally unimaginable. The family kept most of the world’s societies intact for hundreds or even thousands of years.
A communist state (the ideal one), has great goals. The proletariat will be emancipated, the women will be empowered, and everyone is equal. However the reality is that it can never happen. The case of USSR and China are classic examples that egalitarian states can never be true.
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