Is All Bottled Water Created Equal?

How different bottled water appeals to you depends on your personal tastes. Some people cannot discriminate any notable difference. For others there is such a distinct difference that they will loyally stick to only one brand of bottled water. There are so many different brands that it can be a bit overwhelming to know which to get. The choice is easier when you know what sets them apart on the label.

1. Mineral water 
This water must contain a specific amount of minerals to earn the label of mineral water. It may come from a spring or a well. The minerals are sometimes added to the water to make the correct concentration, or it will have the correct amount naturally. Many of them are carbonated and sometimes flavored. Some people prefer mineral water because they enjoy it for the taste, while others drink it for the health benefits of the minerals.
2. Distilled Water
Distilled water has undergone a process that completely removes every trace of minerals and microcontaminants. Since it is normal to have a small amount of minerals in water for taste, it is not considered a preferred drinking water. Distilled water is often used for aquariums or small appliances that are prone to rust.
3. Purified Water
Purified water is regular tap or well water that has undergone excessive filtering. It is sometimes filtered by a combination of reverse osmosis or distillation. Purified water may also be deionized. When water is deionized, salt bonding chemicals are added to the water that results in removing unwanted chemicals and bacteria.
4. Spring Water
Spring water is already naturally filtered because it rises to the surface from deep underground. For this reason, it does not need any additional filtering before it is bottled at the source. Spring water usually contains small amounts of minerals.
5. Club Soda, Seltzer, Tonic, and Sparkling Water.
Sparkling water is an umbrella term for any water that is carbonated. There are small differences between artificially carbonated waters such as club soda, seltzer, and tonics.
Seltzer water is used mostly to mix with other drinks to create the same refreshing bubbles in sodas,cocktails, and other homemade beverages.
Club soda is much like seltzer water only it is milder in carbination. Club soda may have a sweet taste because potassium sulfate is added to help dull the harshness of the effervescence.
Tonic is lightly carbonated with added sugar and quinine. Quinine gives it a distinctive bitter taste, so it is usually used strictly as a mixer.
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