Is Classic Holidays A Scam? Top 5 Myths About Classic Holidays- Know The Inside Story

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Classic Holidays understands that there are many questions and issues related to the third party management. Many times these negative reviews are inaccurate and the badmouthing is done simply to affect the company’s good name. Many people think that booking with Classic Holidays is to end up paying a lot of money and staying in a sub-standard resort. But taking a responsible holiday doesn’t need to so much expensive. We have outlined the common myths and we take the opportunity to answer the questions you may have concerning our services.

1. Classic Holidays is a Scam

Truth– Classic Holidays is 100% genuine and legitimate. Australia’s largest Resort and Club Management Company has been operating for over 33 years and has an extended range of members associated with it from Australia and New Zealand.

Each year many people are sent on holiday to their managed resorts, and their timeshare partners are increasing more than 400,000 members worldwide. Now think, if a company isn’t legitimate then how could it run successfully for over 33 years and have over 35,000 existing members!

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2.Timeshare is an Absolute Crap

Truth- As a Resort Owner, Classic Holidays offers an advantage to own a traditional week of timeshare at your home resort. The company is involved in the management of timeshare resorts for long time and they have always listened to what customers want from their investment, and that is what worth the money! Avail the advantage of free membership at domestic or overseas exchange resorts and get $1,000* rebate on a cruise or coach tour.

3.Classic Holidays is Expensive

Truth– This is possibly one of the misconceptions people have regarding Classic Holidays membership. They are not generally expensive. As a member of the Classic Holidays point club, you acquire club points which give you the opportunity to enjoy holiday at Classic Holidays. The point members can have their club points deposited into their Classic Holidays account for using in the future. Each year member’s account is credited with full Points they own, thus getting ready for the next holiday. Points Members can also take part in Points & Play program. The Points & Play Membership takes you to the exotic tour of various holiday choices at exclusive budget.

4.It isn’t Good, It’s Just a Marketing Hype

Truth– Classic Holidays isn’t all marketing hype; it is a better way to travel the world at your budget. It aims to create a lifetime of memories from the Holiday experience for our Members. Taking care of their members is their utmost priority and this is what that makes them trustworthy. They ensure that each and every member gets easy access to affordable holidays at a great selection of resorts around the world. So whatever budget and requirements the members can still travel responsibly and make sure that their holiday comes out wonderful at the end of the day.

5.Resorts are not Up to the Mark

Truth– The resorts managed by Classic Holidays are your home away from home! Their resorts are some of the best with the proper location in some of Australia’s favourite holiday destinations such as the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Coral Coast, NSW Mid North Coast, Victoria’s High Country and the Murray Region.

Now you know what the truth is. It’s time to plan your next holiday with Classic Holidays and purchase your membership.


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