IS iPhone 7 Release With iOS 10?

iPhone 7

Apple, the most popular mobile manufacture company In the world, planning to release new iPhone in month of September. There is no information about the name of the iphone . iPhone 7 or iphone 6S which will be the upcoming iphone? In the post we will talk about this and also try to find out iphone 7 will come with iOS 10 or ios 9.

Apple releases one iphone each year. The first iphone was release in 2007 after that the mobile market is completely changed. Till now Apple release up to iphone 6. Some of the analytics tell the Apple will come with iphone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus this year. So if these rumors are right, then we have to wait till 2016 for iphone 7. I am also agreeing with this concept. With new series apple will come with some new features like 3D display, 3 edge display and many more. Apple fill some patent in US and also working on new watch design.

The software part, heart of iphone, is upgraded each year with lot of new features and improved last properties. In WWDC 2015, apple announce the ios 9 and present the ios 9 beta 2 is running and very soon the ios 9 beta 3 will come for developer. This years apple release ios 9 beta for public it means you do not need developer account of iOS 9. But we suggest wait till public announcement of ios 9.

Next year, apple will release a next version of ios 9 that is iOS 10. And if iphone 7 will release in 2016, so iphone 7 will come with ios 10. iPhone 7 with iOS 10 you a all new ecosystem.

Do not forget to share your wishlist of iOS 10 and iphone 7, what features you want to include in iphone and iOS. I want 3D display, 3 edge display, No home button, more battery life, 3GB ram 15 MB camre and 5MP front facing camera for high quality video calling.