Is It A Distant Dream To Learn Guitar? Get In Here Now

The word ‘guitar’ is associated with another famous word ‘rock-star’ and because of which people from all across the world are eager to experiment their skills as a ‘guitarist’. Everyone no matter young, old, boy or girl all want to experience the fame that music carries along with it. But we cannot deny the fact that living this dream may be far-away from reality for them. Still they can gain the satisfaction by mastering it.

Playing a guitar begins with a proper posture, after which focus should be laid on proper positioning of your hands. Start from the middle of the fret board; put your thumb at the back of it so that your thumb acts like an anchor. Avoid applying useless pressure but simply touch at the back of the fret board. Becoming a guitarist that you aspire can be like a distant dream for you but in fact it simply requires handful-chords, 1-2 scales and a good attitude for attaining your dream. 

Posture & Finger Placement

People often over-look sitting properly while practicing. While playing a guitar your body & fingers should be in a precise position to make your experience relaxed and enjoyable. Below are few tips and tricks on how to maximize your playing by sitting in a perfect way- 

1. Always prefer arm less chair during your practice time but if you don’t have it then simply place yourself frontward while sitting over a chair so that your arms are not restricted in any way. Try to place your backbone straight keeping your acoustic-guitar firmly pressed against your belly area.

2. The thumb on your hand (that is kept by the fret-board) should be placed behind the classical guitar neck, towards the back where you will be playing your guitar. Remember placing your thumb too high or just over the top of the guitar-neck limits your fingers to reach far away. Positioning the thumb at the lower side brings your palm forward which results in increasing the reach of fingers which is very essential for chord playing.

3. Try to bring your elbow slightly of the fretting-hand because in case you fail to do so, your hand can make it very difficult to play it. Hence bring it out to straighten-up your arm. This way, you can be like professional guitarist and play a guitar smoothly.

4. Always utilize the ends of your fingers while playing a guitar to prevent unintentional muting of additional strings. Big nails on your fretting-hand might make you to play tricky too, so keep them in shape always.

Hence, we may say that the initial stages of learning a guitar are the most crucial ones. Keeping in mind the above few vital guidelines may allow you to cultivate a good guitar playing habits in you after some time of learning. Your experience to learn those initial chords will become much easier and fun filling and can make you more confident to play it. It will also encourage you to continuing learning it.

Author Bio

Rachel is a music lover who also loves to blog. She has started learning guitar which made her write this article. She is referring to spy tunes to get some tips on learning guitar.